Amit Shah, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti … their Educational qualifications

Every time a political leader makes a remark which defies intelligence or logic or appears unworthy & unnecessary; his/her followers start searching web for his/her Educational qualifications. They do so for one simple reason : To equip themselves with some reason, which justifies their Leader’s remark. (A high educational qualification of the leader automatically approves the remark. A low educational qualification offers an escape, as to what can one expect from a person that less educated).

Under this scheme of reasoning, both kinds of leaders, those with World’s best education and those without any, flourish. The former are followed for their education, the latter for their earthly simplicity. The former are represented by the types of Subramanian Swamy & Amit Shah, the latter by Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti. But the surprising thing is: The remarks made by them have nothing to do with their Educations. It’s about mindset.

Amit Shah, Delhi Assembly Elections, educational qualification, indian constitution, kolkata rally, niranjan jyoti, sadhvi bjp mp, trinamool, anil r dave, supreme court judgeLast Sunday, while addressing a rally in Kolkata, BJP President Amit Shah attacked Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress by making a claim that Sharda Group’s money is being used for Bangladeshi terror in Bengal. Two days Later, BJP led Union Government’s Minister Jitendra Singh set aside Amit Shah’s claims, as no such links have been found in Union Government probe. This means that what Amit Shah claimed two days earlier, was nothing but an attempt to misinform the audience in the State and the country. He may be buoyed up by the audience in his rally, he may be buoyed up by the desire to place BJP in power in the state in 2016; but irrespective of the reason, he said something still inconclusive, from a podium. And that is unfortunate.

During the previous Government at Centre, the Union Home Minister once in a speech claimed the presence of Hindu Terror in the country. He was rightly criticized for making that statement. Why? As even if Hindu Terror exist in the country, the role of a Union Home Minister is not to tell people that it exists. His work is to act and eradicate it. Amit Shah’s remark linking Sharda money with terror may not be coming from a Minister; but it’s equally damaging. Why? Because you can’t make him accountable for what he said (he’s not holding any official position); and if you can’t make someone accountable for what he/she has said, then you encourage the rumor mongering. Here, the Government must have asked him as to why he made such a remark. But the Government remained silent.

A person can be illiterate. He/she can belong to a village. But being an illiterate or having rural upbringing doesn’t mean he/she will speak the way Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, a BJP MP, does. In a rally in Delhi, she said : Who will you vote for — Ramzadas or H****zadas!

She may have made the statement keeping in mind the upcoming Delhi Assembly polls. Even if we discount the lady of polarizing the state on religious lines, can we discount her for not having the simple decency? She can’t abuse someone simply because they belong to rival political parties. She as a member of a political party can’t abuse someone simply because a person doesn’t vote for her party.

In August 2014, Supreme Court judge Justice Anil R Dave is reported to have said that had he been a dictator, he would have made the Gita and the Mahabharata compulsory in Class I in schools. I still wonder, how that statement can come from a SC judge. When Supreme Court is the Custodian of Indian Constitution and the Rulers are: We The people.