Amritsar Train Mishap and sharing videos of mutilated Dead

Within a couple of hours of the Amritsar train mishap, some people started sharing very graphic pictures of the mutilated bodies of those killed. The pictures by any standard will be called extremely unsettling. In addition, any society which calls itself empathetic and morally advanced, will not even click such photographs, let alone share them.

amritsar train mishap, amritsar train tragedy, #AmritsarTrainTragedy, #AmritsarTrainMishapFor good reasons, most people who received them, chose not to share them. Those who did share need to rethink on their values as a human being.

That said, it is difficult to understand why some people chose to shoot videos of those killed in the Amritsar train accident.

Is it their way of creating some content which spreads (virals) like wild fire?

If yes, then they need to feel the pain of the families of those killed in the accident. It is important because no one will like to see their loved one’s body in such a mutilated state. There may be some reason why a piece of cloth is put over a dead.

Having a smartphone in our hands doesn’t mean we can shoot/click anything.

Having a connected smartphone with WhatsApp installed doesn’t mean we automatically become good human beings. OR Citizen journalists. That part needs some real work.

To conclude, the politics around this tragedy will not end today. But we as people cannot do much on that front. What we can do is remain humane and see what we are creating and sharing online. In the past couple of years some among us have created and shared even