AND PRAN … Left us

AND PRAN … Left us


Yesterday, noted Bollywood Actor Pran passed away. He was 93.

Just a couple of months ago he was awarded Dada Saheb Phalke Award for Excellence in Cinema. Since he was bedridden for the past couple of years now; it appeared he couldn’t make any sense of the felicitation. If the Governments have to recognise excellence in people, they must do it early, so that the recipient may feel the pride associated with the honour.

That said, Pran began his career with negative roles. But soon his acting skills landed him character roles as well. The fact that he received three Filmfares for his character roles, speaks much of his acting prowess (in Hindi Kaushal).

Pran’s screen charisma started showing quite early. Even at the time when he was doing negative roles; he used to out shadow the male lead (the Hero). A situation which many a times led to an even more difficult situation — Who to mention first in movie’s beginning credits?  The male lead or Pran?

And then, some clever movie maker came up with a solution. The Solution was — showing AND PRAN distinctly (nothing else on the screen).

That’s credits to begin with the name of the male lead followed by other actors; and then finally shown AND PRAN. In a font as big as the one used for the Hero.


Pran Sahab, We’ll Miss You.

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  • deekay Jul 16, 2013, 8:02 pm

    AND PRAN…..nice piece of info about a great actor n good humanbeing too…