Andy Murray Success Secret Revealed: Sleep, Bikram Yoga …

Andy Murray Success Secret Revealed: Sleep, Bikram Yoga … 10 Factors make for Andy Murray Success Secret. Want to know them? Here is Andy Murray Success Secret Revealed.


Andy Murray Success SecretGreat Britain (England, ireland, Scotland) is home to World’s most prestigious Tennis Tournaments, the Wimbledon. But unfortunately British (English, Irish and Scots) rarely get a chance to see a British win the Wimbledon. This year may be different. Andy Murray of Great Britain (from Scotland) has reached the Men’s Final. Today, he’ll be playing Former Champion Novak Djokovic. This is the second time, Murray has reached the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final. Last year he was the runner-up. British are simply elated to see Murray in final. And they are busy wondering one thing — What made Murray reach such a prime a mental and physical condition that he reached not only once, but twice, to the Wimbledon Final. What is the Andy Murray Success Secret?

Andy Murray Success Secret Revealed: Sleep, Bikram Yoga, Former Legend, Psychologist…

So what is the secret to Murray’s success?

A complete scientific regimen, which has enabled the Scot to be in prime physical condition before every match that he plays.

According to the Mirror, the factors which contributed to Murray’s success are:

1) Sports psychologist Alexis Castorri: Who ensures, every time Andy Murray is on Court, he plays with panache.

2) Hiring eight-time grand slam champion Ivan Lendl: Evan Lendl is with Murray before last year’s Wimbledon. And that has reportedly helped the player reach the Wimbledon final last year before winning the Olympic Gold and the US Open. Murray also checks out potential opponents with Lendl ahead of tournaments

3) Plenty of Sleep: Andy’s daily routine includes a two-hour afternoon catnap. That apart, at night, he goes to bed early. Yes, Andy has rejected the Sports Adage: ‘you snooze, you lose,’.

4) Bikram yoga: Andy practices Bikram Yoga. The patented Yoga from Bikram Choudhary of India, in which hatha yoga postures (Asanas) are done in a room having 40-45 degrees temperature (also called Hot Yoga).

5) Balances Hot n Cold: As if trying to balance the hot effects of Bikram Yoga; Murray takes ice baths to help his body recover and to remain supple.

5) Eats Fish: Murray likes sushi. For Andy Murray, the day begins with yoghurt, fruit and peanut butter and eating a plate of chicken and rice before playing.

6) Always carries to Court, to practice, a bottle of his lemon-coloured formula created by his nutritionist.

7) Humans Crave for Love: All the regimen and hard work is garnished by Murray’s Love. Murray’s girlfriend Kim is very loyal and had met the star when she was 17.

8) Blessing and Support of Mother: Andy Murray’s mum is a regular fixture in the Royal Box at Wimbledon.

9) Loving Pets.

10) A deal with Adidas and Head rackets


Andy Murray Success Secret contemplated on:

Evan lendl was a champion tennis player from USA. He was known for his mental toughness. Hence, he may surely have lent that toughness to Murray.

If you remember, Abhinav Bindra, the olympic Gold medalist shooter from India, used to be accompanied by a white lady during his event at Beijing Olympic. The lady was a psychologist, and donned the role of Bindra’s mental trainer. We now know how her training helped Bindra.  The services of Sports psychologist Alexis Castorri may surely have helped Andy Murray.

Players who compete at highest levels, are often sleep deprived. Immense pressure to train and perform, makes them cut on their sleep. Cutting on sleep, means body getting less time to repair wear and tear sustained during physical training and competing. Hence, taking adequate sleep may have helped Murray.

Although quite controversial, for putting body to temperatures much above human tolerance, Bikram Yoga is doing what many alternate medicine sciences are doing for years — Cleansing (profusely sweating to lose body toxins). Taking Cold baths, especially after taking a steam bath, is practiced in scandinavian countries (cold countries, where temperatures go below 0 degrees). This hot n cold exposure is said to increase immunity and make the person light on foot.

Andy Murray Success Secret RevealedFor sportspersons, and for anyone who wants to be in good health, protein is important. Protein is required for body growth, building and to repair wear and tear. Animal products like milk, flesh etc. are sources of protein. But Fish is preferred to red meat (mutton, lamb, beaf) as it’s a simpler protein than red meat. This means, fish is much easily digestible than read mead. That apart, Research over the past few decades has shown that the nutrients and minerals in fish, and particularly the omega 3 fatty acids found in pelagic fishes, are heart-friendly and can make improvements in brain development and reproduction. This has highlighted the role for fish in the functionality of the human body. Fish and rice are thus a healthy food. Here it’s important to understand that, rice is not a food to shy from. Rice is a carbohydrate, and carbohydrates are those food, which take shortest time to release energy. Barring rice from food, can thus result in the person feeling low in energy and even depressed. For a sportsperson, rice may always be good food, as he/she requires ready energy to expend.

Love from mate (girlfriend or boyfriend) has always a positive effect on a person; as love releases “Feel Happy Hormones” in Brain. Mother’s affection can make a person tide over any difficulty; and achieve even the impossible.

Last but not the least, a dependable Sponsor (read money inflow) takes the much mental stress off the sportsperson.

Any Murray Success Secret Surprisingly has all the factors.