Another study finds Green Tea loaded with Health Benefits

A recent study has once again pointed to the benefits of green tea. The new findings have already appeared in the publication known as Phytomedicine. It was reported by the researchers from the Newcastle University involved in the test that certain enzymes in the brain helped in protecting the brain against damage. The compounds in question are known as polyphenols, that are present in both the green tea and black tea.

Apart from reducing the chances of developing Alzheimer’s, people who consumed green tea were also less likely to fall prey to dementia (forgetfulness) in the later stages of life.

Many other researches in the past have pointed out that green tea helped in reducing the chances of people developing cancer as well. Although this study didn’t come at a clear conclusion, and according to the researchers, it still remains unknown, whether polyphenols were changed in such a way(when they reached the digestive tract of a human being) that they were instrumental in slowing down cancer.

However the researchers reported that polyphenols retained their beneficiary powers, even after they were digested.

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