Is Anti-India a case of anti-Government | JNU anti-India slogans

It should be noted that we as the citizens of India are assuming anti-India, anti-government and anti-national as one and the same thing.

This explains why sedition charges might have been filed on JNU president Kanhaiya Kumar.

Now the reports are surfacing that Kanhaiya Kumar had not raised any anti-India or pro-Pakistan slogans.

What were being termed as anti-India or anti-national slogans in JNU might actually be criticism of the Union Government’s policies and political rivals such as BJP, RSS.

Now there’s a distinction between sedition and criticizing the Government policies. The Government polices can be criticized on fact and possible future repercussions.  Unless the critic doesn’t incite any anti-government action, it’s not sedition. If that’s not the case then, any one criticizing Government’s land acquisition law to save Farmers’ interests or GST bill or some education law will be arrested for sedition.

In fact, criticizing Government policies is not equivalent to being anti-national. If that is not the case then no alternate view or political rival will exist in the country.

Now that it’s becoming clear that mischievous hidden elements raised the pro-Pakistan or anti-national slogans in JNU campus; it’s SAD that such sabotaging elements tried to implicate a person by trying to give it an anti-India colour.