Anupam Kher’s march against Award Return is Intolerance Itself!

If you don’t know, then, noted Actor Anupam Kher is going to stage a march against #AwardWapasi, from Delhi Museum to Rashtrapati Bhawan tomorrow at 10 AM. The noted actor sees the recent Award return by litterateurs, Film makers, Academics and Environmentalists in protest of rising intolerance in India as politically motivated, aimed at de-stabilizing the BJP led Government in Centre. He holds the opinion that such award Returns are hurting India’s image as a tolerant Nation internationally.

Anyone who support Anupam Kher’s view can join him, as the march wants support from the like-minded.

To me, the very notion of staging a march against the Award Returns and seeing it as an attempt to dent the country’s image internally, is indefinite an intolerance.

Why I think so?

Firstly, What is the best way to deal with the situation arising out of people returning State (Government of India) Awards?

Ignore them.

If you can’t support them, then ignore them.

After all, what is this anger for a person who is returning an award!

If any recognition is precious to the recipient, then lets brace the fact, all those who are returning these awards … are returning an award… they are not demanding it.

Secondly, I think it’s always easy to stand besides Governments. Especially on the issue of Award returns.

The simple reason being, for every one winner there are 10 losers (in the case of literary awards).

Hence, if tomorrow, a common man starts foot march from Kanyakumari to Rashtrapati Bhawan against the politics behind award returns, then a good number of people will join him/her.

But the question, one should ask is why?

Why oppose such award returns?

Why pay so much attention to litterateurs, Film makers, Academics and Environmentalists who are returning the Government Awards. If the country is tolerant then there must be respect for such award returns as well.

As far as the image of India as a tolerant Nation internationally is concerned; then standing in opposition to anyone having a perception of India becoming intolerant is not tolerant either. Across Globe, litterateurs, Film makers, Academics, social thinkers and Environmentalists keep talking about peace, tolerance and harmony. So why challenge someone, who doesn’t see India as tolerant country anymore.

To end, when actor Anupam Kher smells a politics in the #awardwapasi; as one aimed at de-stablize the Indian Government or affect its reputation internally, then he’s seeing too much into the act. International opinions are not made or shattered based on these things. The countries about who, Mr. Kher is concerned about; have comprehensive systems in place to make opinions, which affect their relations with other countries. The relations between countries (Governments) are decided by just one factor: Self Interest. The relations last till that interest is served.

If the talk of intolerance in India from stages in and outside India had made opinions, to the extent of ruining inter-governmental relations; then our PM Modi had said much negative about his political rivals while speaking to Indian people in every country he visited in the past 15 months.

If real intolerance in a country is making investors from abroad nervous; or has started affecting the Indian Government’s power to make itself business friendly to the World; then obviously, the Government needs to take proactive steps to build that confidence. Staging marches against those questioning the growing intolerance in the country will serve no purpose.