Anushka Sharma Lip job…Plastic Surgery Gone wrong?

When Anushka Sharma appeared on Koffee with Karan Season 4, last week; she looked very different. The change was so telling that even a viewer who was seeing her for the first time, took no time to sense that something is not right. Not only she was looking different, she appeared acutely distressed too.

What was the reason?

The reason was a Lip job gone wrong. According to reports , Anushka Sharma recently went for a plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery to improve the pout of her lips. But instead of improving the looks, she looked the way, even she is not happy about.

Below are the two pics of Anushka Sharma as debutant in Rab Ne… 2008 and in Koffee with Karan Season 4:

anushka sharma, lip job, plastic surgery


Although Anushka has denied any cosmetic enhancements to her lips; her close friend and cricketer Virat Kohli is quite unhappy with the media focusing too much on her lips. Virat feels that Lip job or not, it’s Anushka’s personal matter.

Going for a Plastic Surgery is not an easy decision. And it shouldn’t be.

There are very few people who are fully happy with their looks. The rest of us do have some regrets about our faces. Some of us see their noses too pointed, some too broad, some find their lips too thin, some too plump. In simple, there are as many problematic features on human faces, as there are humans inhabiting this planet. But still life goes on.

Why we manage to live our libes fully with this aesthetic disapproval? Because our looks are God given or are formed by some complex genetic formulas. These mathematical formulas create such features on our faces, which gel well with other features on the face. So that our face looks good in totality. Try imagining yourself with a nose shape other than the one you currently have, and you will understand what this overall conformity means.

Second reason for our approval of our looks is familiarity. Since the advent of a mirror, the face we like to see most is, our own. And familiarity brings acceptability.

Unlike the common people, the actors and actresses more often than not have to stick to the beauty benchmarks set by others. That’s why they under the surgeon’s scalpel.

Think twice before going for a plastic surgery (or cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery). Remember two things:

We’re as beautiful, as We Think We’re. 


Beauty is not just the face. Beauty is a complex mix of many factors like personality, features, confidence, intelligence, habits, mannerisms etc. That apart, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Not everyone likes Aishwarya Rai, you see.