Anwar al-Awlaqi lured by a Woman

Those who had prepared for competitive exams (UPSC, PSC) and as a consequence read massive ‘two volumed General Studies Encyclopedias from Spectrum or Unik’; may surely have read, ‘How Countries use various lures (money, women, guns etc.) to lobby support for themselves or to attain some economic self interest’.

Normally for a common Joe  this knowledge and understanding starts and ends at the book itself. And unless the person is some powerful person (business magnet, politician  or a diplomat or bureaucrat, he doesn’t really make a strong opinion on this issue.

But a latest revelation by a Denmark intelligence Agent, will make us more intelligent on this.

The Denmark Intelligence agent yesterday made a claim that he paid $250,000 by the CIA to arrange a bride for top Al-Qaeda official Anwar al-Awlaqi in a plot to kill him. Not surprisingly though, Denmark’s intelligence agency PET on Monday declined to comment.