Any Brutality of Police is Unjustified … Delhi Police Brutality near Lal Qila is No Exception

Today, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) uploaded a video on its Youtube account, showing Three Delhi police constables mercilessly beating a man in his late teens or early twenties. Obviously AAP has uploaded the video to justify the actions of AAP MLA and Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti at Delhi’s Khirki Extention. The video may also have been uploaded by AAP to justify its leader’s dharna outside Rail Bhawan. But AAP must remember that two Wrongs Don’t make a Right. Hence the video although raises a serious issue of Police brutality in India, it doesn’t justify the recent conduct of AAP and its leaders.

Thus, any Brutality of Police is Unjustified … Brutality by Delhi Police near Lal Qila on January 12, 2014 is No Exception.

Delhi police suspended the three cops after verifying the video.

Delhi police must be acknowledged if not congratulated for suspending the three cops. Simply because accepting the wrongdoing of self or for someone one is responsible for, is a big virtue.

Now, Delhi Police must seriously look into the extent to which the conduct of its three employees was ultra vires (beyond Power given by Law); and take a transparent disinterested investigation to the Court of Law. If the law doesn’t give the Delhi Police constables the power to hit a person with a two hands long cane, or a 360 degrees swinging baton, then let it not shy to dismiss the suspended cops.

The plea that the person being thrashed was a pickpocket or a history sheeter (a hardened criminal) will not go for an excuse. As in a country run by rule of Law, even a criminal can’t be awarded instant justice. The Court of Law is to decide the culpability (whether accused is a criminal or not); and not the Police.

AAP’s video of Delhi Police Brutality takes us to a Bigger Question !

I will not go into why AAP chose to upload the video of the Delhi Police brutality today. Any intelligent individual can unearth the motives behind. I want to bring to your notice something more substantial. Something which doesn’t end at police brutality on citizens, but the citizens’ brutality on fellow citizens.

Search for terms like “Teaches a Lesson”, “Slaps”, “traitor”, etc. on Youtube. You will not only find Police mercilessly beating citizens, but you can find mobs of all varieties — political groups, moral police, religious groups, groups of extra vigilant an righteous citizens, young men etc. mercilessly attacking and even lynching, someone who they are sure is a criminal or someone who must be taught a lesson.

AAP’s video today again proves that, we Indians have started seeing or ignoring violence based on how it suits our interests. If moral police and real police mercilessly beats couples on Valentine’s Day, many of us see that as justified. If some Cow traffickers are mercilessly beaten by police, then many of us see that as essential. If some bigoted political group with religious affiliations (any religion) ransacks some party’s office, many among us see it as a fitting reply.

The fact of the matter is yesterday’s instant of Dwarka Shankaracharya Swaroopanand slapping a journalist for question on Modi, is as much a violence as beating someone with cane. It’s the inclination to become violent which matters. If Swaroopanand had not been a religious leader of the majority religion, he wouldn’t have dared to slap the journalist.

If we want to stop Police brutality; we need to abor violence in its totality and not look for exceptions. Even a petty thug on our streets needs protection of Law. Why deny it.