Are Indians willing to pay 80% more for healthier food! … Really?

What will you understand, if I say : Indians are willing to pay up to 80% more for healthier food.

Obviously you will assume that Indians in general, irrespective of their economic status, are willing to pay Rs 180 instead of Rs 100, if they are offered healthier food choices.

But what if I say the article with the above headline (shared at the start of the write-up) is about food choices of a certain socio-economic class, i.e. A and A+ households in India (that are typically high-income households), then will you scratch your head?

Apart from the clever headline, the article is just fine.

But the very deceptive and clever headline makes the linked article useless.

If the aim of the writer or the website of the linked article is to put it in our heads that there’s no price-rise in recent times in Food commodities in India; and all Indians are just fine with the current prices, then may God bless him/her. But it would have been better if the headline (of the linked article) would have mentioned “Affluent Indians”. Why? As, not everyone, even those surfing internet, is consuming refined oil, noodles, packaged oat meals, health drinks etc.