Armaan Kohli in Bigg Boss 7 behaving like Vijay Mallya, KRK!

Call it a folly of human nature or something which emanates from the big rich and poor divide; people usually don’t like someone boasting about his wealth and the good fortune of being born with a silver spoon. Most people find such a behavior shallow and obscene. Thus anyone who boasts such things does so on his/her own risk. As consequences of such a behavior can be mild to severe. The mild ones can be a healthy snub, and the severe ones can be the risk of alienated when fortune spirals south.

Interestingly, Armaan Kohli in Bigg Boss 7 is either committing this mistake consciously again and again; or the other players, especially Gauhar Khan, Kamya Punjabi & Kushaal Tandon, pressing sensitive buttons to make him do so.

Whatever be the reasons, there are real chances that viewers may already be comparing him to wealth boasting Vijay Mallya or KRK. Hopefully, Armaan Kohli knows the risks of such a behavior.