Arman Kohli arrested from Bigg Boss 7 House

The news is: The police has arrested Arman Kohli from the Bigg Boss 7 house.

The arrest has been made in connection to the FIR filed by former Bigg Boss 7 Housemate and British-Pakistani actress & model Sofia Hayat.

Sofia Hayat has filed a police complaint against Arman Kohli alleging that the actor assaulted her during their stay at a Lonavala-based Bigg Boss 7 House.

arman kohli arrested

Arman Kohli Arrested in Bigg Boss 7 House proves three things: Firstly, UK has more Women friendly police and laws, which encourage a woman to file a complaint for physical assault of any degree on her person (in her complaint Sofiya Hayat has said that Armaan Kohli snatched a mop from her hand, approached towards her aggressively and hit her with the mop).

Secondly, Armaan Kohli can’t treat woman as he wants to. Everyone is not like Tanisha.

Thirdly, Bratty Behaviour will not be tolerated, unless the girl is not mad for you.

The recent changes made to the sexual assault laws against women won’t apply here, as Sofiya is UK based. But we can still give the credit to the strengthened law, as far as immediate arrest is concerned. But seems not to be the case for Justice AK Ganguly.