Arvind Kejriwal called an Absconder !… Totally Unnecessary

Prior to his visit to Varanasi Today, Bhagat Singh Sena or whatever its name be , is busy putting “Absconder” posters in Varanasi. Since early morning today, AAP Varanasi supporters are busy removing those posters.

What can one say about these tactics. If the posters and hoardings are actually pasted and installed by Bhagat Singh Sena, one of numerous nuisance creating fringe groups of BJP, then it’s no surprise. BJP leaders are constantly using that terminology for Arvind Kejriwal. And only four days ago, Kejriwal responded these attacks with this line, “BJP would have called Lord Ram an absconder too”. Don’t know what kind of anarchy and intolerance these fringe groups will bring to India, if the saffron party party comes to power. If mere hope of BJP coming to power can give that motivation to these group; then what will they do if BJP gets the actual power.

Arvind KejriwalIt’s hard to believe that Arvind Kejriwal is planning all such attacks on himself, as claimed by rivals. If he’s doing so, then he has no right to use the word conscience. Logic says, he’s not bringing all this indignity upon himself.

In another major development, Congress has attacked Arvind Kejriwal saying that during his fast unto death , Kejriwal requested Congress led UPA Government to bail him out of the fast, as his decreasing sugar levels are putting his life in threat. Taking a humane stand, the Government assured Kejriwal that his demands will be considered. This gave Kejriwal an honourable reason to break his fast.

Analysing this claim, we have no real reason to believe the Government. We have no real reason to believe that Kejriwal got cold feet when he saw his death imminent. But we do have tangible reasons to believe what the Government is claiming now.

What tangible reason? The tangible reason is: It’s one thing to assert one’s Life for the Country; making a real sacrifice for the nation is entirely another. Whenever someone claims from a public platform that he/she can sacrifice his/her life for the nation, 99 out of 100 times, it’s simply a rhetoric (hollow words).