Arvind Kejriwal finally accepts: He’s to Learn a lot…

The various media sources are summarizing AAP Leader Arvind Kejriwal’s speech at CII meet, as : “AAP against crony capitalism, not capitalism”

How I summarize Arvind Kejriwal’s speech at CII meet is completely different.

For me the summary of Arvind Kejriwal’s CII speech is his acceptance that he and his party AAP has to learn a Lot and they are not perfect.

Why this admission is the keypoint of Arvind Kejriwal’s CII speech?

As all this while, Arvind Kejriwal was posturing to the World that he’s the epitome of all the Wisdom out there. When everything he did and claimed pointed otherwise. He accused others based on his conspiracy theories and closet logic. He advocated for Gram sabhas and Mohalla Sabhas, as if they are the panacea of all our problems. He spoke a thing now, only to contradict it later. He questioned every single democratic structure and polity, we managed to perfect in last seven decades. That too when he had no better model to offer. In short, he did everything which made him look anything, but a Wise Man.

Hence his admission of being a mortal who makes mistakes is a big leveler.

But accepting that he’s learning, doesn’t give him any right to experiment!

Why the country can’t be a Petri dish to Arvind Kejriwal’s half bakes ideas?

As no sane Indian can allow any person to ruin the System and institutions, India has perfected in all these years. We have enough of things, we Indians can be proud of. We have a multi-party democracy. We have a parliamentary form of democracy where even a beggar can become a member of. We have decent bureaucracy and Judiciary. Compare India with any of the countries which got freedom along with India; and you will see why India is not a disaster.

Hence Arvind Kejriwal can’t see India as his experiment laboratory. If he wants to experiment his theories, then he must prove to the India, before any implementation, in no uncertain terms, Why his model is better than one already present.

Arvind Kejriwal must remember a thing: Only a person who clearly knows what he’s doing, the consequences there of, being fully responsible to those consequences and the ability to deliver high standards of perfection without fault, can make a claim to bring a Change. If a person is learning, then no one gives or should give, to such a person even a single chance for change. Only a learner, who respects the work done by his predecessors, can be allowed to value add. But that too only “Value Add”.

Why? As unless you have something better to replace the existing setup, a country can’t risk its existing setup.

Allowing any learner to go for a System Change, will be similar to a woman spending hours making a Rangoli, only to let her toddler wipe it out, to try his own rendering on its place.

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