Arvind Kejriwal strategized the Self Slapping !… Too Remote Logic

We all want to defend the political party we believe in. But the logic that Arvind Kejriwal himself planned his slapping … appears too remote a logic, even for those who proudly call themselves rational. And whoever, be it Congress or the BJP, or their supporters , makes such a claim is stretching the logic too far.

How can one say so?

First , the look on the face of all apologising Auto rickshaw wala, when confronted by Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia, was clearly telling that he was sponsored by anyone but Kejriwal.

Second, why will anyone got himself slapped, blackened , slippered … when the social backlash of these acts is too damning for the individual.

Actually a particular political party is too keen to show Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP, the consequence of entering into politics. That’s why Arvind Kejriwal is being targeted. Arvind Kejriwal may have told lies and made false promises; but he’s not a bad guy. And in no way one can justify such treatment of him and his party.

Actually, in recent years, slapping culture is typical trait of a political party. To know which that party is, simply look for instances where BJP politicians are slapped . Interesting, you will not find a single BJP politicians meeting that treatment even in the past one decade.