Ashiqui 2 May be Lacking One Thing

Some liked Ashiqui 2, the sequel of Mahesh Bhatt’s Ashiqui released in 1990; some simply hated it. I assume, those who hated it are comparing the sequel with the original Ashiqui. The comparison may be unfair as the original one was a blockbuster. And every thing about it, from male lead to his muse, received great reviews.

That said, time has changed a lot since 1990s. The way young people see life has changed a lot. But one thing is for sure, the Mahesh Bhatt’s Ashiqui had a kind of innocence in it. An innocence, where the viewer consciously or unconsciously focused on the ‘Innocent Love’. The Innocent Love, nubile Rohit Roy & Anu Agarwal managed to display onscreen. To bring home the point clearly, look at the Posters of Ashiqui and Ashiqui 2, side by side:

aashiqui Original Ashiqui 2 - Ashiqui 2 May be Lacking the nostalgia many wanted to see in it.

May be those who disliked Ashiqui 2, may be searching for that kind of aesthetics or emotional purity. Well two decades is not a small time.