Powercom Laptop Adapters for DELL, Lenovo, HP/Compaq, Acer

Powercom Laptop Adapters for DELL, Lenovo, HP/Compaq and Acer. 65W. 100% compatible to original Laptop adapters of DELL, Lenovo, HP/Compaq, Acer. AS Good as the original laptop Adapters.

Asia Powercom, global leader in power protection – a division of Powercom Co. Ltd, today launched AsiaPower laptop adapters. AsiaPowercom laptop adapters are 100% compatible to the original laptop adapters of DELL, Lenovo, HP/Compaq, Acer etc.

AsiaPowercom laptop adapters come with power cord, with wide input voltage range of 90-290V AC, 50/60Hz, 65 watts and an output short circuit protection. The 65W laptop power adapters are to protect your laptop from short circuit and to provide un- interrupted power to the device.

This is what Tejas Sheth, Country Manager at Asia Powercom, said on the launch event,

“We are expanding our power product line with the launch of AsiaPower laptop adapters. Today, people prefer laptops more than desktops as they are easy to carry and more convenient. Our laptop adapters are designed to be compatible with the premium brands. The laptop adaptors protect laptops from short circuit and simultaneously supplies clean power to the laptops.”

Asia PowerCom laptop Adapters for different laptops:

Powercom Laptop Adapters

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AsiaPowercom laptop adapters Price, warranty and availability:

AsiaPower Laptop Adapters for different laptops come with the MRP of Rs. 999/- with 1 year warranty.


Laptop Adapters are an important accessory for your laptop. The laptop power adapters which come in the new laptop box many a times don’t last the laptop lifespan (or they are misplaced). Using a cheap laptop  power adapter may not be a good move. As cheap laptop adapters not only consume more electricity, but also don’t protect the laptop from short circuit. They don’t provide un- interrupted power to the device as well. The importance of a power adapter can be understood from Apple’s approach to the power adapters it ships with its devices. An year or two ago, major computer device makers tried to create a universal charger for their devices. That’s whether you buy an Acer, HP or Dell or Apple, you can use the same adapter. Apple declined to join. Its reason was: Appl’es Power Adapter is much technologically advanced than of others.

So choose from good quality laptop adaptors, if the original laptop adapter doesn’t last your laptop.