Athlete’s Foot a Common Problem During Monsoons

Athlete’s Foot is a Common Problem During Monsoons. Trash your worries as you can conquer Athlete’s Foot, an irritating and highly infectious fungal infection by following the shared remedies here.


With the monsoon hitting the city hard, there are so many other petty issues cropping in apart from the dreaded monsoon water clogging. One such petty issue which is hard to ignore and cannot be compromised is the issue of Athlete’s foot. Sorry! Contrary to what you think it is not confined to athletes and becomes a common problem in the monsoon season. When the skin between your toes become itchy then you should be suffering from athletes foot. Trash your worries as you can conquer this irritating and highly infectious fungal infection by following the given remedies here:

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– As you know that it is a fungal infection so choose an ointment that can kill fungi effectively. Ointments containing Clotrimazole or Miconazole will help. Gently massage the infected area with the ointment fungicide at least twice or thrice a day. Do not commit the blunder of stop applying it once the symptoms disappear. Continue using it for at least a week after symptoms subside. This will eradicate the fungus completely.

– If there is an overwhelming sensation of itching, you should use Soda-bicarbonate that is a common soda which we use in cakes. Make a thick paste and massage the affected area and rinse when it is completely dry.

– Prepare a tea bath and soak your feet in that for half an hour at least. When you have Athlete’s foot you need to keep your feet dry to prevent further infection. So, mix a spoonful of tea leaves with lukewarm water and soak your feet. Tea has tannic acid that works wonders to dry your feet.

– Application of plain yoghurt is suggested for curing this disease. It contains acidophilus bacteria which kills the fungus and bring instant relief from itching. Just dab yoghurt and let it dry before you finally rinse off.

– That apart, you can make use of mustard powder for your footbath. When you seek your feet for at least an hour you will be relieved.

– You can also use lavender or aloe vera for skin softening.

There are tons of home-remedies and natural herbs that an cure Athlete’s foot successfully. So, its time for you to bid adieu to Athlete’s foot and flaunt the beauty of your feet.


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