Attach some benevolent purpose to your weight loss or fitness regimen

It has been observed that sticking to an exercise regimen becomes less difficult; if some benevolent purpose is attached to it. For instance, some people count the money they save by walking to the office everyday; and after a month, spend the same money to help some poor kid.

The benefit of this is double: The person gets the reason to stick to the plan and; he/she gets additional ‘feel good’ feeling by doing something good.

There are countless ways, by which a person can attach a benevolent purpose to his/her exercise regimen. The purpose can be as simple as paying some poor kid’s school fees to much complicated ones like conserving electricity, and making environment cleaner.

For instance; choosing simple exercises like walking, jogging, running, doing self weight exercises like push-ups in place of exercises done on power driven exercise equipments; OR choosing those exercise equipments which make their own electricity and are not dependent on City’s power grid; could be very attractive.

Yes, not all exercise equipments needs to be plugged into the wall. Some exercise machines produce their own electricity to power themselves while the user exercises on the machine. Take for instance, the new SportsArt Fitness S770 Pinnacle Trainer (their Self-Generating equipment line) which includes ellipticals, cycles.

The basic idea is to wander one’s mind a bit and look for some good purpose, which is good enough to make one sweat day after day. If thought about diligently, one can find countless purposes (attaching which will not make them spend a single penny) which can keep them going.