Attack at Uri Army base, Jammu and Kashmir | Difficult to React!

How do we react to yesterday’s attack at Uri Army base, Jammu and Kashmir!

With our deep distress over the martyrdom of Indian soldiers in the dastardly attack in Uri, and our heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyrs in the attack. It’s still difficult to see how to react. We’re numb and confused.

(Who We? We who’re numb and still confused!)

It’s difficult to understand how 4 terrorists enter into an Army base; and do so much damage?

Not saying much, according to some media reports, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is meeting with top ministers to shape the government’s response. Courtesy some top sources, the Media reports quote, the government is clear there must be a calibrated response from India to the attack; and India could raise the Uri attack at the United Nations General Assembly, which is in session in New York. This seems a much better response than the Government tweets made yesterday.

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