AXL Fire-resistant 6000mAh Powerbank in Pink Color

Raksha Bandhan special offerings: AXL Fire-resistant 6000mAh Powerbank for your Sister. Charge Mobile devices on the go. Ultra-slim, Lightweight power source with Feminine charm.

I don’t know how a powerbank to charge mobile devices on the go, can be linked to the Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan; and make for a perfect gift for your sister. But if remote logic is applied to link a Powerbank to Raksha Bandhan, then can say that if one’s sister has a 6000mAh powerbank in her hand bag, then she will not face a situation where she has to make an emergency call and the smartphone battery is zero. If there’s room to stretch the logic further, then why limit the 6000mAh to sister alone, the same can be gifted to a wife or girlfriend as well. 🙂 That said, AXL has launched exclusive Powerbank for this Raksha Bandhan – AXL LPB060. The AXL LPB060 is lightweight, pink colored and handy.
The 6000mAh Powerbank charges your phone with 1.5A speed.It means higher Amperage, which in simple means a claim of faster charging.
AXL Fire-resistant 6000mAh PowerbankDependency on Smartphones,hence demand for mobile accessories such as powerbanks has increased as well. Courtesy app and task intensive and large screen smartphone, powerbanks to charge mobile devices has become a real need. That too when a mobile device needs to be charged in 6 hours (that too if maintained well with scheduled charging). Today, no Smartphone may promise you full day battery backup. In such a scenario, it is essential to carry a powerbank, if you have to spend long time on commute, during which you have the convenience of reading an eBook or indulge in an online chat. That’s why AXL has brought a 6000mAh Powerbank with a form factor and color which will be appealing to women.
On the launch, Mr Atul Modi, Director at AXL said,
Need of the hour could be need of the power. AXL goes with the trend and a front runner among competitors in innovation. We are launching exclusive Powerbank for this Raksha Bandhan. It will create the special feeling and bonding of the relation. AXL 6000mAh Powerbank has always believed in introducing beneficial offerings to the consumers at an affordable price point.”
AXL Fire-resistant 6000mAh Powerbank Pic 2LPB060 is specifically designed for the generation on the go, slim & attractive. AXL Claims that the Powerbank is Fire- resistant Body. It has 6000mAh Li-polymer battery capacity.
Further, it consists of LED indicator which shows the amount of power left in the power bank. It charges your phone even when you are charging the power bank. It has an auto shut off which helps conserve battery, it shuts off in less than 15 seconds if not in use.
Price and Availability
The power bank is available at a price tag of Rs. 2499/- only, and it comes with a one year of warranty. It is available on both retail stores -online & offline across the country.
For men, the 6000mAh Powerbank comes in Red Color as well.