Baba Ram Dev’s Homosexual Remark Threatens Congress’ Existence

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev’s recent statement declaring Congress the party of Homosexuals has threatened the very existence of the Congress.

Notably and curiously, the intelligent Baba got rattled by the Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi’s pro homo sexuality remarks after the SC’s latest verdict on the matter, declaring Homo sexuality a crime in India.

For information sake, SC has given a verdict that homo sexual acts in India even among two consenting adults in the privacy of the closed doors is an offence in India.

Reportedly, Baba Ramdev was elated by SC putting its stamp of approval on the age old status of Homo Sexuality in India. But to Baba’s sheer disappointment,  the Congress decided to go for a review appeal against the SC verdict. This disappointed the Baba to such an extent that he called the entire Congress party (men and women) the party of homo sexuals.

All this has put EC (and may be the Courts) in a very difficult situation — Whether to allow Congress party to continue or not?

BTW, according to some sources, Congress has decided to face Baba Ramdev pound for pound.

The Congress Think Tank is seriously contemplating to declare every religious trust in India, the trust of cross dressers. Here the party is building its case on the concept of Apad Dharma and the wearing of a Dhoti.

According to some unreliable sources, Congress is also contemplating to request the Court to ban parties headed by bachelors and maidens. The party also wants to put behind bars the same sex human beings living in flats with closed doors, as roommates. The Congress party sees all such individuals and groups, likely to behave abnormally in the privacy of closed doors and windows. It’s also of the opinion that, if the EC and the Court agrees to its sweeping petition; then a sizable population of India can be put behind bars for the offence of homo sexuality.

Meanwhile, Congress has clarified, off the record, that it’s not hurt or surprised by Baba Ramdev’s statement;  and sees this as a statement from a person, who knows nothing of the lives of Heterosexual couples.