Baba Ramdev challenges Economists, Experts for Tax debate

There’s nothing wrong in Baba Ramdev suggesting some upside down tax reforms for the country. In Indian democracy, if a sane and solvent 25/30 year old can contest an election; then any Joe can suggest anything for the country.

Thus the problem with Baba Ramdev’s suggestion is not that he has the audacity to suggest something pure economics. The problem is something else.

The problem with Baba Ram Dev’s tax reform suggestion (abolish all the taxes in the country) is: Over simplification.

The talkative Baba is offering an over simplified solution to a subject, which he actually doesn’t know much about. As a matter of fact, some of his powerful and well read disciples have educated him a little bit on the subject,and now he’s shooting his mouth off.

But this doesn’t mean, he gets the license to challenge the real experts for a national debate on the subject. Experts are experts, because they have devoted their lives learning the subject. That’s why, although any common man, including Baba Ramdev, can say anything on any subject; an expert is not duty bound to debate a half baked person.

It’s surprising how much political parties can stoop down for votes. Smelling votes in Baba’s voice and conduct (as Baba has assured BJP his support if the party abolishes taxes in the country), BJP has not only welcomed Baba’s demand to abolish taxation in the country; the party has also promised to give Baba’s demand a serious contemplation. Once it comes to power in 2014.

If serious subjects like economics are dictated by Spiritual and Yoga Gurus in the country, then it’s time for hard working experts to pack their bags and leave. Else, every Joe out there will demean them.

PS: The country will be better served if experts and not saffron clad Babas suggest tax reforms for the country. It’s hard to say, whether Baba is offering his support to BJP or  he’s privy to BJP’s canvassing.