Backpack with Pockets for Every Gadget | Seoul Collection Targus

Seoul Collection Targus Backpacks for Work, Life and Travel. Lightweight, Water-resistant, and Travel Friendly.

People carrying laptop backpacks for carrying everything but the laptop, is a common sight. But still we have to accept one reality, for most of us work-life overlap is taking place and hence we are seeing an overlap. Why buy two backpacks, when we can make do with one. But since we’re carrying all sorts of gadgets for most part of our day; hence it makes sense to create a backpack which doesn’t end at being a laptop bag; and can be defended as one serving today’s over lapping lifestyle.

Keeping this in mind, laptop cases and accessories maker Targus Inc. has launched Backpack with Pockets for Every Gadget plus ample space for clothes and other chattels. The Targus Seoul backpack Collection consists of three backpack designs tailored to fit every travel needs, business needs and other daily engagements.

The company pitches the backpack collection as one which is a mix of aesthetics and functionality. Thus the Seoul backpack is an everyday wear, before, during and after work, says the Company. You can carry it to the gym to the office, a lively bar to a crowded train station or an airport; the Seoul backpacks are designed to keep the laptops, tablets, and other accessories safe while easy to carry around, says the Company.

Key Attributes:

  • An inspired and contemporary shape
  • backpack is a clean and efficient design featuring a unique 6-shape secure closure
  • The main compartment features a dedicated up to 15.6″ laptop and an iPad/ tablet pocket with a Velcro closure, along with plenty of space for files, folders, and other printed material.
  • The zippered front pocket opens on a workstation designed to accommodate up to two smart phones and a couple of pens.
  • Quick-grab items can be stored in the zippered pocket on the top flap
  • Most precious items (such as passports, for example) can be secured in the zippered pocket on the back panel for added security.
  • Umbrellas, water bottles, and other larger items are securely stored and easily accessible in the dual side pockets.
  • travel-friendly backpack, thanks to its open back/trolley sleeve. A unique full-opening design of the back panel allows the bag to be securely placed on a trolley when used for longer journeys or heavier loads.
  • The ventilated air mesh back padding and adjustable shoulder straps are made for comfort.
  • The top handle, is made for confort and is wrapped in PU leather.
  • The large soft handle on the front panel is an innovative way of grabbing and carrying the bag.
  • Water-resistant base for added protection
  • Adjustable side straps for a better fit and fabric zippers for a soft touch.
  • Modern Shape, new levels of lightness and practicality
  • Offers an alternative to a ‘business-only’ top load or a ‘trendy-only’ backpack.

On the launch, Mr Manish Aher, Director of ProductMarketing and Country Manager, India at Targus Asia-Pacific, said,

“Most of us live a busy, interconnected and overlapping work-life schedule, and often tend to carry work and leisure items for the day – from the laptop/tablet accessories to the gym gear. Seoul Backpacks, with plenty of storage, manages to accommodate all that in a compact and lightweight form, with neat compartments yet compact built,”

“Targus developed the Seoul collection with ergonomics in mind, to provide the best possible solution to our customers. A comfortable backpack with efficient protection and storage options is what we wanted to achieve”,

Targus Seoul backpack price and Availability: Black (TSB845), Khaki (TSB84506) and Orange (TSB84508) at an MRP of Rs. 3550/-.

DISCLOSURE: The Article is simply a new product Press Release. It’s not a review endorsing the Claims made by the Company.