Bad Actor Jonah Hill Loses 40 Pounds in 7 months

Have you noticed that people, who finally shed weight, after years of bulky existence, are pleased with themselves to no extent. And the happy fealing, the feeling of achievement is clearly visible in the way the start walking, talking and smiling. In short, the surge in self worth, converts into a glow, clearly visible on their Faces.

Jonah Hill, the ‘Superbad’ actor was glowing with the same aura, when he showed up at Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards. Jonah Hill, who was looking incredibly thin; appeared literally half the man he used to be. See his Now and Then pictures below:

According to some reports, Jonah has lost 40 pounds since last December 2010. Which is pretty good, around 6 pounds or close to 3 kilograms a month.

Although many people are suspecting that the actor may have lost more than 40 pounds; he may have lost 40 pounds only. The major cause of confusion in people’s mind, is a common societal perception, wherein, people tend to exaggerate both bulk and thinness.

Notably, Hill started on his weight loss journey, through diet and exercise, when he realized that – It’s important to be healthy”, the actor told the Los Angeles Times.

Hill acknowledged that although the endeavor was not an easy one, the fact that intrinsically he found it important for his health; hence he stuck to the regimen and other lifestyle changes.

Practicing the healthy eating and exercise regimen from the last seven months; Hill acknowledges that many of the changes have become a permanent part of his lifestyle now; making him more conscious towards healthy eating now than any time before. [Editorial view: Human body can be adapted or styled to any Lifestyle; it can be adapted to indiscipline and discipline within 21 days. What you chose is your choice]

Besides striving to get healthier, Hill may have shed the weight for his new role in the upcoming film “21 Jump Street,” a big-screen version of the 1980s TV series starring Johnny Depp. [Editorial view: It may be the case as well; as getting to a particular body type for a particular role is itself a prize for any actor. Having a strong reason to lose weight is one of the potent factors that make a person lose weight. If you fail to lose weight all the time; just look for any one reason in your life — it may be your kids, your health, your desire to look good, anything… anything which is potent enough to give you the desire and will to stick to a weight loss regimen. If you succeed, you succeed for that strong reason. If you don’t, then the reason was not strong enough.]