Barack Obama’s Dating life during his NYC years as recent Columbia grad, revealed in a new Book

On the presidential years, it’s expected to have such books rolling out.

A new book by Washington Post David Maraniss, titled Barack Obama: The Story reveals President Barack Obama’s Dating life during his New York City years as recent Columbia grad. The book which talks about future President Barack Obama’s dating life as a Columbia University grad in 1983; paints Obama keenly looking for love in New York City.

This desperation led to him chatting up with an assistant teacher at a party that Christmas. He later not only earns Genevieve Cook’s endorsement; but the two also end up dating a few days later, with the two spending that night at his tiny Manhattan apartment.They dated for two years, until Barack moved to Chicago.

Notably, the book talks of those personal details of Obama’s post-college days that he had previously declined to discuss. This involves taking Composite characters (Greg Galluzzo, Genevieve Cook etc.) out of the box once again. teh same issue which chased his celebrated memoir, “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance

On Left: Genevieve Cook

The Book which details Obama’s dating life — and love letters — courtesy Obama’s writings and ex-girlfriends’ diaries during the years he spent in the city; paints a picture of the future leader of the free world as an intense, conflicted and sometimes brooding intellectual – who used to spend Sundays in his room wearing a sarong, drinking coffee and solving crossword puzzles.

He met his future wife Michelle in 1989.