BCCI President N Srinivasan & veil of BCCI Autonomy

BCCI is an example of what Autonomy can do in a country like India! BCCI President N Srinivasan just fall in place in the grand evolution of BCCI.

Ask yourself, why is BCCI President N Srinivasan in a terrible position Today?

Is it because of his son-in-law Meiyappan arrested over his ‘involvement’ in betting case?

Is it because Meiyappan is the CEO of Chennai Super Kings– An IPL team, Srinivasan is the owner?

Is it because N Srinivasan manipulated every BCCI rule book, to facilitate rich and famous(including him) enter into the lucrative world of cricket?

I think, although the answers to the first two Questions are momentarily valid as well; but the real reason for Srinivasan in a tricky situation now, is the Answer to the third Question. And the answer is:

BCCI President N SrinivasanWhile as BCCI President N Srinivasan manipulated every BCCI rule book, to facilitate rich and famous enter into the lucrative world of cricket. And this is done in such a blatant manner that the game & its sacred rules became trivial in front of these rich, powerful and well connected people. But here, it’s important to mention that whether it be Lalit Modi or N Srinivasan, any individual just fell in place in the grand evolution of BCCI.

The manipulation began with N Srinivasan buying the Chennai Super kings. Srinivasan, the owner of Chennai Cements, bought the company while he was a BCCI Board Member. To facilitate the purchase, changes were made to the Constitution of IPL (noted lawyer and BJP leader Arun Jaitley is said to have advised the BCCI on the said changes); allowing one time opportunity to any BCCI functionary buy a team. Srinivasan was ready with cash in hand, he bought the CSK.


Srinivasan, who later became the BCCI President, never saw him being the owner of CSK, as “Conflict of Interest”.

After this, every rule was bent to make players accessible to the rich, powerful and well connected. Earlier, the Team dugout was seen as a prohibited place for non-players and non-team staff. Now Wives, sons, daughters of team owners, actresses, actors were allowed to sit next to players and celebrate the wins with kisses & hugs. First bookies entered the after match parties; then they sat along with the owners, elite supporters in the VIP boxes. The things with IPL went so wayward, that during one of the IPLs, the owner of an IPL franchise called the SSP of a district a Liar (the dispute was about liquor).

All this was done in the garb of BCCI Autonomy. This BCCI autonomy thing was made so opaque that even the elected governments in the country thought many times before asking a question to BCCI.

BCCI an example of what Autonomy can do in a country like India!

Now many of us will think that How on Earth the Government didn’t know what is happening in the BCCI and the IPL?

If thousands of crores is being put in IPL betting and the cricket players are being involved in the fixing of a certain outcome, then How on earth the Central Government, and Enforcement Directorate (since much of this money has outside India origin) is not aware of it?

The answer to these questions is the BCCI autonomy. BCCI’s autonomy in its current state is a clear example of what Autonomy can do in a country like India!

What Autonomy can do? It can even intimidate the elected Governments.

How, here it’s.

The autonomous status to BCCI was given with the aim of helping the cricket grow. The autonomy worked fine, till the game was not a money ball. At that time, the BCCI was with former cricketers and politicians.

The moment cricket became a money spinner, powerful, rich and well connected people started entering the BCCI. These people came to BCCI for everything except the love for the game. This transformed BCCI into a Body which is the conglomerate of country’s most powerful people (politicians, businessmen and Well-connected). These people are so powerful that nobody dared to touch them. Not even the elected governments.

This awe was reflected when,

Reliance Group Chairman and team Mumbai Indians owner, Mukesh Ambani got installed a private elevator for himself at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium.

Top bureaucrats in the country, stood in line during IPL prize distribution ceremonies, only to be ignored.

When NCP Leader Sharad Pawar held BCCI President position along with the Union Minister of Agriculture.

When Congress Top leader Rajeev Shukla holds the post of IPL CEO.

When Arun Jaitley, who shouts for P Chidambaram’s resignation from the position of the Minister on grounds of “Conflict of Interest” when Chidambaram’s wife represents a Government’s case; the same Jaitley sees no conflict of interest when N Srinivasan owns CSK while being the President of BCCI.

BCCI President N Srinivasan actually took the BCCI Autonomy to the zenith; where the cricketing body became a power wielding, vested interest serving instrument for the rich and mighty. The power and vested interest could be almost anything, from black money, money laundering to personal weaknesses. But, N Srinivasan simply fall in place of the BCCI autonomy evolution. If some person, other than N Srinivasan happened to be the BCCI president, he would have manipulated the books pretty much the same.

Now, autonomy was good till it served the game and helped it reach a certain level; but now it should be capped and some cleansing is done. This is to bring the the body back to its founding objectives.