BCCI’s Operation Clean Up: Was everything Wrong with IPL?

BCCI’s Operation Clean Up — 12 Points of Dos and Donts. Appears that Jagmohan Dalmiya, the interim BCCI President sees everything wrong with IPL.


BCCI's operation Clean Up

On June 10, BCCI, under its new interim president Jagmohan Dalmiya released BCCI’s Operation Clean Up. The Operation Cleanup is a 12 points Dos and Donts List, meant to clean up the IPL. Now looking at the 12 points, one wonders, the primary thinking behind them. As from the look of it, it appears — Either BCCI was doing everything wrong in IPL all this while; or owing to media pressure, BCCI is being compelled to change the perfectly commercially working IPL now, to such extents that it becomes unrecognizable.

Have a look at the BCCI’s Operation Clean Up and decide for yourself [With some snippets from us, wherever it’s needed].

Following are the 12 points of “operation clean-up” announced on June 10 by the BCCI’s head of interim arrangement Jagmohan Dalmiya to get rid of controversies in the IPL.

1. Removal of sleaze; no cheerleaders, no after-match parties for players and support staff. [Cheerleaders bracketed under Sleaze?]

2. Strict code of conduct to be followed by players, support staff and franchise owners. [Earlier Owners, cricket enthusiasts, Owner wives, sons, daughters all had access to Players]

3. Restriction of movement in players’ dug-out and dressing room. The owners from now on will be restricted from entering the dug-out and dressing room during matches. [Earlier kissing and hugging displays of owners were a common sight]

4. All players and support staff of franchises need to furnish their telephone numbers with the BCCI before the start of the tournament. [How will players Tweet now?]

5. Adequate number of ACSU officials in the team hotel as well as the ground to supervise the proceedings. [Earlier, BCCI believed in Cricket being a Gentlemen’s game, no one will salivate for money. Even when IPl itself is worth thousands of crore]

6. Jamming of cellphone towers at the ground during matches. [Audiences will not be able to Tweet]

7. Captains’ meeting to be held in order to get more suggestions and prepare elaborate blueprint. [Means issues like “Conflict of Interest”, “discussing or not discussing team strategies with the team owner” will be discussed]

8. No national selector will be allowed to get associated with any franchise in any capacity. [Earlier every ex cricketer, who had a say in BCCI, had a say in some IPL franchise]

9. All the players need to disclose every financial transaction they are carrying out with any particular organisation or person. [BCCI earlier believed that, Cricketers being gentlemen, will never hide any money]

10. Franchises need to furnish all details of the remunerations and contractual obligations of players and support staff. [This means no overpaying or underpaying a cricketer, via informal money channels]

11. Players from now on will be prohibited from using ear plugs and microphones. [No more disturbance for players while they are fielding]

12. Security control policy will be formulated soon. [Control is a necessary attribute management. BCCI realises now ]