Beef Ban in India | With all due Respect to a woman called Prachi!

Some Sadhvi and VHP leader named Prachi, visited the Bisada or Bisaheda village in Dadri Yesterday, and took no time to make a statement justifying the murder of Mohammed Akhlakh who was attacked by a mob for allegedly consuming beef. All this while a lady accompanying her, kept smiling and showing a Victory sign using middle and index finger. Prachi said, and we quote,

“Those who consume beef deserve such actions against them,”

With due respect to this woman — Even in states where cow slaughter is banned; beef consumption or beef eating is not. And beef includes meat from any bovine, be it cow or buffalo. But here, when I say beef, I’m talking about just cow meat, and not including the buffalo. Hence, beef consumption is quite legal in India.

If you’re not poor, want to consume beef, and afford to buy beef from an upmarket mall or get it imported, then you can very well do that, cook it or get it cooked in your home or party, consume it or serve it. Rich people do that all the time. Just like small road-side food joints, Five Star Hotels in India also serve beef.

A poor man can cook and consume cow meat, if he manages to get a dead cow on the road side hit by some unknown vehicle or which is brought to him after death for de-skinning, even in Indian states which ban cow slaughter.

That apart, when this woman says — those who consume beef deserve to be killed; does she include most of the North Eastern States and many other states, where people do eat Beef?

Forget beef consumption, she must also know that even Cow Slaughter is not banned in all states in India. There are only a couple of states, which have such a ban.