Being a Great Orator doesn’t always Mean Efficiency or Perfection!

To begin with, let I clear a thing. I’m not saying a Good Orators can’t be Efficient or can’t be perfect. A person can indeed be a good orator and at the same time can also be quite efficient and perfect in his chosen area of profession. What I’m saying is: If a person is not a good orator, that doesn’t mean he/she is inefficient, imperfect or less capable.

That said, if oratory is meaningful flow of words, then one thing which obstructs someone from being a good orator is some speech defect. The prominent among them is Stammer (in Hindi, ‘Haklana’). Not being a good orator is not some language issue as you can learn a language, if you want to. For instance if some one cannot speak English, he/she can learn it. Is Good oratory a confidence issue? Yes, it’s. As having a free flowing speech is often linked to Confidence. Is Good oratory an accountability issue (to what extent you want to be accountable to the Listener)? Yes, it’s. As having a free flow in speech links to how much you censor yourself while speaking. On the contrary, if you feel no accountability towards the listener, then you can speak anything you want.

So, let’s focus on speech defects in humans which affect good oratory. One such speech defect is Stammer or Stutter (in Hindi, ‘Haklana’). The person with a stammer has less flow in his speech. Something which impedes good oratory. But since you will find many stammerers among the Top Achievers of all Time, hence it can be said a being a great orator doesn’t always Mean Efficiency or Perfection! .

Stammering an obstruction in Being a Great Orator

One of the most common speech impediment or speech defect known to civilization is Stammering or Stuttering ( in Hindi ‘Haklana’). As per scientific data, about One percent of the adult population stammers. That’s 1 out of every 100 humans inhabiting this planet has a permanent stammer. That apart, Five percent of people would have stammered at some time in their lives. That’s they acquired stammer during childhood or some other phase of their lives, but the stammer was temporary, and they started speaking without stammer again. This also means, at some crucial moments in their lives, they stammered. For instance, some crucial interview, proposing to a girl, giving a speech from a public podium etc. Thus stammering is linked to your confidence level as well.

Between two genders, male and female, stammering is majorly prevalent among males.

If population of the world at present is say, 800 crores, then nearly 8 crore people stammer.

If so many people stammer, that too most of these stammerers are men, then can they be imperfect or inefficient or less able?

Various studies point to the contrary, since a stammerer has to quickly look for alternate words to have a free-flowing speech, people with stammer are found to be above normal intelligence. Sometimes they are found to be having high intelligence as well. As much of the communication for Stammerers goes inwards, often they are thinking individuals, thinking on problems often for prolonged duration that others.

This is not to justify how better able stammerers are; but rather to dispel some myths about stammering. Many experts believe that Stammering is somewhat an autistic trait; and if most Geniuses are often autistic, then people with stammer do show some signs of genius.

Late Elamkulam Manakkal Sankaran Nambudirippadu (13 June 1909 – 19 March 1998), popularly known as E. M. S., was an Indian Communist leader, Socialist-Marxist theorist, revolutionary, author, historian, social commentator and the first Chief Minister of Kerala state. To this day, across party affiliations, Nambudiripad is considered one of the finest administrators Kerala had. EMS had a terrible stammer, to the extent that when he used to make speeches, the audience couldn’t understand a single word.

Just research a bit, and you will find many stammerers holding important positions on this planet any time. They can be found in the list of top achievers for every profession. For instance, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had a permanent stammer. But more than his stammer he is known for his PM ship and his Nobel Price in Literature. As for his foresight, he was among the first statesmen to caution the World of Hitler’s evil mind, much before the World could see Hitler’s evil designs.

You may like Actor Hrithik Roshan or not, but you will surely acknowledge his hard work; and his desire to perfect everything he does. In an interview some years ago, he shared with the world, how hard he had to work to conquer his stammer.

People with stammer have done remarkably well in communication fields, such as media, as well. Just pay attention to top achievers speech and you will find many a times it’s not perfect.

Today’s write-up is to make you think beyond great oratory. As great oratory doesn’t mean perfection or efficiency. If stammering or some other speech defect is one reason for less than perfect oratory, then we already saw such speech defects are no impediments to a person’s life and career growth.

Flaws of being a Good orator


To conclude, having great oratory or flawless speech have its defects too. For instance, a deep baritone voice, often seen desirable takes a negative toll on the human health. According to some studies, for a deep baritone voice, the brain often allocates less energy to other departments comprising the human health.

The apart too much focus on speech perfection or oratory, can make one ignore the more solid skills like intelligence, dedication, strong analytical skills, determination etc. And finally there’s the accountability issues as well. It’s often seen that those who see themselves as good orators, are more prone to cook-up stories and tell lies.

PS: Stammering is often mental than Anatomical. That’s the reason for one’s stammering or speech defect lies in the mind. For instance, for many stammers every time they have to speak a certain alphabet, the brain gives up. It’s the anticipation of the difficulty in speaking a word, which many a times results in stutter in speaking. when the mental block to speech is removed, the stammering intensity and frequency decreases or ends altogether.