Bellwether Seats in Indian Assembly Elections

The Assembly Elections coverage on NDTV is talking about the concept of ‘Bellwether Seats’ in Indian Assembly Elections.

The Bellwether seats are those seats which offer a guess as to which party will finally form the government in an election. Any party which wins those seats somehow makes the Government, even when the seats margin between the number one and number two parties is insignificantly small.

For Delhi, there are three such bellwether seats. The assembly seats of Malviyanagar, Model Town and Rohtas Nagar.

For Chhastisgarh, the Bellwhether seat is Jagdalpur.

Whether the concept of Bellwether seats will hold this time around as well, only the time will tell. But for the state of Uttarakhand, the concept actually held itself for all the previous assembly elections, including the latest one. For the state of Uttarakhand, the Yamunotri Assembly seat is the Bellwether Seat. Whichever political party wins this seat is eventually forming the government.