Below Average! | Prime Minister Narendra Modi No-confidence Speech

Was Prime Minister Narendra Modi brilliant in his 90 minute long defense of his government during the no-confidence motion last week?

It depends where you stand.

As far as I’m concerned: I found Mr. Modi’s speech jumping from one topic to another, misquoting people problems & questions and; offering the same old answers.

At some points he even got into some fabled (imaginary or something difficult to believe) story telling. Like the one, we hear in an often repeated story about a man who in his day sleep dreams about — How he will buy a hen with the coin he has … the hen will lay eggs … chickens will come out of the eggs —- he will buy a cow with the money received by selling eggs — the cow will beget calf…and so on… and in the end, he will emerge as the richest man of his town(or country). For example, while responding to the question of number of jobs created in India every year in sitting Government’s tenure or from 2014-18, Mr. Modi started adding job numbers quite imaginatively, which approximately goes like this — … imagine 80,000 auto-rickshaws are bought by young people… even if 25 percent of these buyers manage to give job to 6 people in their Auto-rickshaw business…  this Lakh number of jobs will be created or got created! 

Is this the way Governments, answer the question about number of jobs created?

It is an important question because even Companies present their job data with proper care, adequately backed by numbers.

When Governments are asked about the number of jobs created, then they must give real numbers and must not think about how people will react to those numbers.

Mr. Modi should have prepared better for the response. That too, when he spoke for 90 minutes. That too, when the questions were being asked by parliamentarians (who are answerable to people).

Unfortunately, he wasted the valuable opportunity, and turned it into yet another Nehru, Congress … everyone against Modi rhetoric.