Benares Bomb blast doesn’t signify resident resilience

Yes — unlike what electronic media kept on saying the day suceeding Benares Bomb blast, I will still say Benares Bomb blast doesn’t signify resident resilience.

It signifies something else. Something that is more imortant than the human resilience. As a common man will have to show resilience even if the Earth explodes — Otherwise who will feed him and his family.

Whether it be mumbai or most of the the religious riot prone cities of Uttar Pradesh; common man has realised that blindly blaming some indian Mujahiddin, LeT, or Pakistan for every bomb blast is not the right thing to do. The right act is to allow investigative bodies to unearth the culprit(s).

In an era of internet, when wi-fi networks are hacked easily and any email address is used to send a terror mail, there are many groups (political too) with their narrow vested interests. Any Bomb blast and succeeding riot helps such groups polarize people and become common man’s so called well wishers.

Benares signifies that, no matter how, the disruptive-self-serving elements try, they will not help them stain the social fabric – the celebrated Ganga-Jamuni Virasat OR the real Mumbaiya culture.