No Besan (Gram Flour) in “Boondi Ke Laddoo”

Don’t know whether you have noticed or not : The “Boondi Ke Laddoo” in the market today have no Besan or Gram flour in them.

Boondi Ke Laddoo

The above laddoos don’t have the natural yellow colour. Ideally a Boondi Ka Laddoo must have the colour of roasted Besan or Gram Flour. That ideal colour is pale yellow.

Yes, Boondi Ke Laddoo, especially the one wth “Chhoti Boondi” are not being made with  Besan or gram flour. Most sweet shops are adding orange food color to Rice flour and making a boondi ka laddoo out of it. The next time you have a boondi ka laddoo, focus on the taste. You may feel a distinct taste of rice flour. These days, you can have an authentic Boondi ka laddoo, that made up of Besan, from a marriage return sweets box only.

I’ll not say food colors (of any quality) may cause the consumer some unimaginable or cruel disease. The way Priyanka Chopra in Sahara Q Shop ad and Hema Malini in some purifier ad enumerates for you. The claims made in these advertisements, linking food adulteration to grave diseases, is far fetched as most of these synthetic additions reach our bodes in a minuscule amount. In addition, there are more significant causing agents, other than food adulteration, which make people susceptible to these diseases. That apart, you don’t snack on a laddoo everyday.

But I’ll raise a different point. If we are paying for besan or gram flour, then we must get an authentic laddoo.