Best Anti-virus for an Indian Home PC User…An analysis

Best Anti-virus for an Indian Home PC User? It is eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version. At Rs 1300 it provides decent Security for any Home PC User or SOHO (Small Office Home Office). Includes Parental Control and Web Security.

Having an Antivirus or Virus Security on Your PC (Desktop, laptop) is an important decision. Important because, a good anti virus can be the difference between hassle free PC experience and an always tantrum throwing one.

But deciding on which Anti-virus to buy can be a tricky decision. Tricky because, we Indians are in a habit of buying cheap pirated software (which are either loaded by vendors or we buy from market). In such an environment, most Indians normally don’t feel the need of an authentic anti-virus. The best one goes, is get an anti-virus which offers free free anti-virus security to Home Users.

But, a free anti-virus is, Well, a free anti-virus. That’s it doesn’t provide the complete security to the PC. The complete security always comes with premium products, the ones consumer pays for.

Take the Step Go for an Authentic Full Anti-virus solution for Your PC:

As a user, I have seen it all. I’ve been using a PC from 1999. For the first couple of years, I used an antivirus, my vendor preloaded on my assembled PC. Not to say, the duration was much hassle. I was prompted to update my PC anti-virus, every now and then; with no positive results. That apart the PC froze many times a day. After much disillusion, I decided to have no anti-virus at all. To tell you, that decision was fueled by the view that — Since the Anti-virus Companies are the ones who make many viruses (to make people buy their anecdote to viral attacks), hence there’s some logic not to have an anti-virus at all. for a couple of years, I kept my PC anti-virus free, PC behaved kept weirdly, which resulted in many formatting and re-installations.

Then I moved to an anti-virus, which offers free anti-virus to Home Users. I found the offering incomplete. Then in 2010 I moved on to an authentic antivirus, a paid one. And since then Life is cool.

Here it’s important to understand, why Free Anti-viruses can’t actually be as Good as the paid ones.

First reason is — Well the money. If an anti-virus maker invests a lot of money on product research,  market research,  product development; then why will it offer the full or complete virus security to the free user? That should obviously be for the paying customer.

Second reason is — the people and market perception. When we talk of free anti-virus, then PC users and the market, which includes rating agencies, experts etc. have a perception that a free anti-virus doesn’t provide full protection. That’s why it’s free. Hence in most cases a free anti-virus can’t compete with a paid one.  When it comes to competition, only a Pro can compete with a pro. Antivirus vendors usually face tough competition in their commercial full security suites; and hence that’s the area they put most effort in. Their free antivirus versions have comparatively been less competitive due to the unavailability of full antivirus features that give high-value protection; unavailability of lab test results; and lack of customers’ awareness and acceptance towards them.

So to summarize, free anti virus is free as it’s not complete. Although, many companies have started claiming to give full security features in their free antivirus products; but they too have an option to buy or upgrade to the full security suite by paying the price. A free anti-virus is normally offered for personal/home users who are unwilling to pay or can’t afford to pay high prices. But the makers of these free anti-virus products still believe that sooner or later the free user will graduate to the paid offering. Like I did.


Which Anti-Virus I bought?

Best Anti-virus for an Indian Home PC User

eScan Anti-virus (AV) Home User Version

eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version, Buy Link.

eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version has been judged the Best Anti-Virus Software 2011 and 2012. What competition it beat: AVG Anti-Virus Free 2011, Norton AntiVirus 2011, McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011, Panda Antivirus Pro 2011, and BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011. This is a good buying reason, when one considers the fact that Every year different products are launched and there’s stiff competition among anti-virus makers to get the Top Spot.


Why opted for eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version?

I bought a new PC, a second PC for my office; and the vendor pre-loaded it with a trial version of eScan Antivirus (AV). The trial version is for 30 days; after that one has to buy the premium anti-virus product.

I used the eScan Antivirus (AV) and found that it’s discreetly blocking and informing me about new threats. For instance, once I visited a site, which had a Casino (betting service) Text ad. Although, the ad was itself  un-harming to the PC and privacy  but still since such ads are found to have hidden cookies; I received a prompt, the moment I loaded the site. This is just one instance. I found the offering discreet in its protection. Both PC and internet security.

This is the third Year, I’m using eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version at both of my PCs.


What eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version Offers:

An antivirus software is a must-have (at least in the high-technology time we are living in) to keep our PCs clean and protected from all the malicious viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, or worms etc. A good antivirus is supposed to protect a PC from all the malicious threats including viruses, scareware, Trojans, rootkits, and keyloggers (stores the sequence of keys you pressed, when you logged in to some service) etc. The latest in anti-virus suites is running 2 different antivirus engines. In short, there are a number of technology trends in antivirus versions that stand them apart from each other in more or less the same way.

In my estimation, the eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version is great, as it has all these and more.

What eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version Offers:

1) Mini Suite Instead of Standalone Product

after 2011, the trend in anti-virus is to offer a full security suite and not a standalone antivirus product. A suite means more comprehensive protection and options.

2) Firewall – Initially, the full security suites used to include a fully-functional personal firewall as one of its many defining elements. However, now most anti viruses embed a fully-functional personal firewall.  eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version also has one. Till 2011, Norton Anti-virus, hadn’t integrated a fully-functional personal firewall. To make for the defficiency, NA used its effective intrusion prevention feature.

3) Spam Filtering – In the modern world, spams are a big problem for connected PC users. SPAM Filtering is one among the common elements found in eScan antivirus software or security suite. eScan Anti-Virus features a modest inbuilt spam filter feature.

5) Installation Problem Acknowledgment –A full remote management installation features are a trend in today’s anti-viruses. It offers effective remote monitoring of installations and pushes back fixes to resolve the problems.

6) Phishing Protection – Phishing is the act of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Communications purporting to be from popular social web sites, auction sites, online payment processors or IT administrators are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting public. Phishing emails may contain links to websites that are infected with malware.

The phishing protection in an anti-virus suite range from embed a highly effective phishing protection tool to integrating LinkScanner that scans and marks all links posted on the user’s Social Networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace etc.Some modern anti-viruses even scan the links posted on user’s Social Networking sites. eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version offers phishing protection.

7) Data Blocking –Data Blocking is an important protection as it blocks a user’s private data from being transmitted to any attacker/hacker. Full security suites have this security. In Data Blocking  all the data traces (broken threads, obsolete threads) attached to computer or internet use are removed. This removal tunes up the PC and makes it fast as well.

8) Prevent Data Theft and Virus Infections through USB Drives

9) Fine-tuning PC: — Optimizes PC for enhanced security and performance.

10) Dual-Engine Protection

Antivirus vendors have started to come up with more enhanced security technologies in their antivirus products. One of them is dual-engine protection that utilizes 2 antivirus engines for enhanced detection results. This means running 2 scans one by one. Dual-Engine protection is particularly good for outstanding phishing protection.

11) Customized Interfaces

What is one of the most discouraging things on the user experience front? Least user-friendly and cluttered interface. eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version has a great interface. This means easy interaction and automatic updation, prioritize scanning to optimally utilize power resources.

12) Inbuilt Support

Come with integrated support featuring many easy-to-use tools that help users to find out information about different topics or how to contact a technical agent among other things. Embeds an inbuilt support tool that automatically diagnoses different possible attacks that a PC comes into contact with, sends their reports, and launches purposeful scripts to remove them and clean the PC.

13) eScan Security Network — Cloud Technology – detects new and unknown threats.

14) eScan Anti-Virus offers integrated online support live chat options.

15) Comprehensive Web Protection & Parental Control — Parental Control is a great feature, particularly when your children use your PC or use PC in your absence. By using the Parental Control feature you can blocking websites you find unfit for child viewing, add application level passwords etc.

There are couple of anti-viruses which can be opted by any Home PC user. If one compares them feature by feature and technology by technology; then there will not be a clear winner. For instance, when it comes to Spam Filtering, eScan is NOT the number one. The distinction goes to someone else. But, the reason why eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version can be recommended — is its price. The price is not only half or one third to similar offerings in the market; but it also offers a decent security. At around Rs 1300 it is the best product out there.

eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version, Buy Link .