Possibility of Better eyesight without Glasses … is it Real?

I wear spectacles. I’m nearsighted or myopic (negative power) with compound eyesight. In simple compound eyesight is spherical and cylindrical power. Couple with lazy eye and myopic astigmatism, the situation becomes straining, when the glasses are on.

man with glassesA decade ago, while aimlessly killing my time at a Bookstore in a Railway station, I stumbled upon a book titled Better Eyesight without Glasses PB (English) New edition Edition by one Dr. Kunti Nagwekar. Since a clear world without glasses is a dream of every spectacled person, I flipped the pages of the book, read a few paragraphs, and decided to buy it. Since most of these books are reproductions of international best sellers hence they don’t particularly pich on one’s pocket. This book for instance is a low paper quality reproduction of Bates W H.

What better eyesight without glasses is all about ?

The whole premise of this book is : If you train your brain to see clearly, you can see clearly without glasses.

How to train your brain?

By waking up your lazy eye (the one which has turned lazy) through methods many eye doctors use for curing squintness.

By giving your eye lens hot and cold treatment.

By building successful imagery in the brain, as to what clear pictures and words look like. And even without glasses trying to recall that clear imagery to remove the blurriness in the viewed text or image. Not a very wrong assertion either, as for a couple of hours after waking up in the morning one can read the newspaper print without glasses.

By relaxing your eyes, so that the next time they see, they are fresh and agile. For this the better eyesight without glasses book suggests travel eye mask eye shades. The book says that relaxation is nothing but our eye’s ability to experience pure black. Since it’s not possible to experience pure black or complete darkness inside modern homes (even at night) hence eye masks over the eyes are effective. The more your eyes relax in complete darkness, the better they work when awake.

Does the Book deliver? 

Unfortunately NO.

Even when the methods shared in the book may get you glass free, still no one will have time at their disposal to practice those. For me the book proved to be just another book from Railways bookstore.

I think, for anyone who can’t tolerate glasses sitting on their noses, the lasik eye correction can be an option. But the question is : Are those glasses that intolerable?