Better Option for India than a Car free Day!

Motivated and well-intentioned people in Metros and big cities are trying to make Car free roads a reality. They are primarily trying this for a cleaner air. But the option for the daily commute, which they are proposing, doesn’t suit Indian climate.

They are requesting people to shun their cars for at least one day a week; and ride on a bicycle to work instead.

The alternate being provided is not practical.

As courtesy Indian climate, no one will want to reach their office all sweaty. Particularly when they can reach their office well dressed and morning fresh. The proponents of Car free day or taking a bicycle to work, forget one thing: The goal of going to work is Work. Hence, no one will trade-off their cars for cycles, for the sake of clean air.

There’s a Better Option for India than a Car free Day!

It’s “Adopt a Cycle Rickshaw” Day.

Rather than cycling to the office or walking for the last mile connectivity; we can take a Cycle Rickshaw. That way, we will reach our offices fresh and dapper-looking; and the amount we spend on petrol will go to the rickshaw-puller; who’s trying to earn his bread and butter through hard work.

Anyone who “Adopts a Cycle Rickshaw” will feel good. Not only because he/she is adopting a cleaner mode of commute; but also because he/she is helping a person who’s trying to earn his living through hard work and sweating around.

But to make your “Adopts a Cycle Rickshaw” resolution successful, make sure to leave behind your ego, before you embark on the rickshaw. You’re not giving alms to the rickshaw-puller; you’re paying him for carrying you to your office. Hence, this is an equal sum game.

If you choose to be generous to the rickshaw-puller or choose not to bargain as he’s helping you breath in clean air; then even better.