Beware of Narendra Modi’s PR Team! … and Question

Narendra Modi’s PR Team is taking something from Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s demeanor. There was something likable about Vajpayeeji. Rivals may disagree with Atal ji’s decisions, but they believed in his words.

It has been widely reported that the turning point for BJP’s PM candidate Shri Nadrendra Modi came at the age of 37, when he did a course on managing and expressing Identity at some US PR agency. In that course, Narendra Modi learned one thing: How to “Project Oneself in Public Space”.

Although a section of Indians will find it hard to believe, but it’s there Narendra Modi learned how to make important pauses in speeches, use gestures and project a confident self. I think we can believe such reports because most of us learn skills this way. Those who don’t want to believe in the existence of such Identity management Courses are free to believe so. They are also free to believe that Narendra Modi is a bachelor and Gujarat is a state where every young man and woman has a job.

That said, lets see this post as one telling the readers about the existence of such Identity management and Identity expression courses; and about the PR backed election campaign of Shri Narendra Modi .

World’s best Public Relations and Image Consultants are busy creating the Modi Brand


If you want to read this article any further then you must also believe that someone is busy creating the Modi Brand. These someone are world’s best Public Relations and Image Consultants. Ever since they started creating the Brand Modi and managing Modi’s image, it has become more and more likely that everything he says will be pushed as a truth. Modi’s PR team is very efficient and clever. Not to mention, it knows its work well.

Let I share with you a new Narendra Modi ad on TV. In the ad, Modi attacks the rivals with an appeal, where he requests the rivals to keep the attacks civilized. The summary of the TV advertisement is : Is it how we will treat our political opponents ? Shouldn’t we respect our political Opponents ?

If you look at this ad attentively, then you will find that Modi is speaking , pausing and gesturing like Atal Bihari Vajpayee. If said in other words, by acting like Vajpayee, Modi is projecting himself as Vajpayee. This projection may or may not work in the long run.  But right now, whenever Modi attacks his rivals, he projects himself as the next Atal Bihari Vajpayee. You can see Shri Vajpayeeji’s speeches in parliament (around August 2003), and you will see the instant resemblance.

Mr. Modi’s PR team will want him to mimic Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji. You see, there was something very likable about Vajpayeeji. Rivals may disagree with Atal ji’s decisions and views, but they believed in his words. If seen that way, then any resemblance with Vajpayee ji’s oratory brings trust and accountability to Modi’s spoken word. The PR team can take up these qualities easily. After all it’s not difficult to copy an established credibility. There’s another trait of Atal ji, which even his rivals are fan of. This trait is, Atal ji’s courage to accept his weaknesses. Fortunately though this trait is not easy to copy. How Mr. Modi will be assessed on this trait only time will tell.

Modi towing the PR Line


But there’s a flip side to towing on the PR Line. The flip-side is not worrying too much about what is truth and what is not. And hence the more Narendra Modi tows the PR line; the more he distances himself from the Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s stature.

Lets take some examples. In his 3D Speeches where his 3D image is simultaneously being projected to thousands of people at multiple locations, Mr. Modi speaks of tackling malnourishment in the country. This when 48 percent of Girls in Gujarat are malnourished.

Modi speaks of employment in Gujarat, when his deputy Amit Shah has accepted in Public that Gujarat recruits Teachers, Patwaris , Constables on a Pay of Rs 5300. In addition, it’s not that the employment situation of Gujarat is any different from UP or Bihar or Uttarakhand. In Constable recruitment, 10 Lakh people applied for 1500 posts. It’s widely been reported that even for these posts, people paid Rs 10 Lakh as bribe. A Minister in Gujarat Government went to jail for taking bribe. The Gujarat Model of recruitment seems more like that of a contractor, where what ever money is put in hand, has to be accepted.

Mr. Modi often says that once he becomes a Prime Minister, he’ll generate 14 crore jobs in five years. Will he really be able to do that, only time will tell. He can make claims today, but creating 14 crore lakhs is impossible, unless you want young men or women to work for free or for dismal salaries.

All these and other examples point to one single conclusion : A PR team is managing Mr. Modi’s candidature for Lok Sabha Elections 2014.

One more example, before we conclude.

In Modi’s Varanasi Rally, the Modi’s PR cleverly put Lord Shiva’s photo besides Narendra Modi’s. A local BJP leader is made to give “Har Har Modi” slogan from the podium. Later BJP claimed , it never gave that slogan to the people. Isn’t it clever ?

No one is questioning Modi’s claims, not even young men and women. Everything is getting washed down in Namo, namo.