Bhagwant Maan, Sidhu and “Displacement Politics in Punjab”

Most of the times it’s difficult to come in support of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Why? As many of the acts of the party, seem as if it has some collusion with the BJP.

Although there’s nothing wrong in the two having some hidden play, but it surely misleads the people.

For instance, ever since the Punjab Assembly elections appeared on the political horizon, BJP started attacking AAP in all sorts of inconsequential ways. In ways, which will easily make any logical person think… Why?

AAP is also behaving in a way as if the BJP has only one political rival, the AAP.

Take for instance, the latest Bhagwant Mann issue, where Mann, an AAP MP, live streamed a video of his arrival in Parliament on a social networking site Facebook.

No MP, irrespective of his/her political affiliation will ever do this act. The act breaches the basic conduct of a Parliamentarian.

Was Mann misinformed or misled by his own party?

It appears so, when one looks at the latest developments of Navjot Singh Sidhu leaving BJP; and the speculations of him joining AAP. It appears more so, when you see the Mann, Sidhu developments along with the illogical ways the Union Government is obstructing the working of AAP Government in Delhi. Which Union Government in its rightful mind will return more than a dozen Bills of a UT or partial State, or Delhi.

Actually the way AAP and BJP are behaving appears to be nothing but the preparation for “The politics of Displacement”. The more the BJP will attack AAP, the more the AAP will become a contender of power in Punjab. This will relegate Congress, because of AAP eating its vote share.

This might be over speculation, but very soon you will see Sidhu joining AAP. As Sidhu leaving BJP was nothing but an attempt to provide AAP a sikh face. Someone who can rival Captain Amarinder Singh of Congress. This suits BJP as well. As the Akali-BJP Government will be facing 10 years of serious anti-incumbency.

It’s a very likely that Bhagwant Maan was misled by his own party, AAP. But irrespective of how he sees himself (the next CM of Punjab) in the election arithmetic of Punjab, his party and other players don’t think so.