Bhopal Encounter | Fact or Fiction… You must Question!

What were the recent Bhopal Encounter?

Was it Real or Fake?

Do you have a suspicious about its authenticity?

In case you are suspicious, how do you perceive them as? That’s do you buy the argument that since they were SIMI terrorists lodged in a jail who managed to jail break by killing a Police personnel, hence even a fake encounter is justified.


I’m asking these questions NOT because we want to win an argument here. Here we are not arguing, we are having an intelligent conversation. Hence it’s not very reasonable now to argue as to how:

Such a Jail Break can happen in a High Security ISO certified Jail?

How can sophisticated unbreakable (we can assume so) locks on the separate cells of the 8 jail breakers can be opened with keys made up of wooden table spoons?

If the intelligence sources have already an inkling (hint or prior knowledge) of an about to happen (impending) jail break weeks ago, to take place during Diwali holidays; then why 26 police personnel were granted leave?

Why just one CCTV Camera was working in the block where the jail-breakers were lodged?

Why did the Madhya Pradesh Government started defending the encounter, within hours of it happening?

Why did Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister showed such impatience to call the jail-breakers dreaded terrorists? If the jail-breakers can not be called innocents, then how can they be called terrorists (when as a matter of fact they were under-trials)?

Why was the CM and the Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh so eager to shut up everyone from questioning the Bhopal encounters?

In the official video, before the said encounter, one of the police men were shown saying to the control room, “The jail-breakers or terrorists want to talk to us”?

If the police had surrounded the jail-breakers, then why did they not be talked to?

Contradicting the earlier version of the police and the MP Government, why did the MP ATS Chief now says that no arms were recovered from the bodies of the eight terrorists killed?

What is so different among these SIMI operatives, lodged in MP jails, that every time no one except them is able to break out of such high security jail? That too, when there are lodged in separate cells!

If someone questions the encounter, why does he/she is being told to shut up?

Why everyone, right from the state Government upwards to majority of Media people, calling them terrorists?

Why not say “they were under trials”?

Why not say “so-called terrorists”, if they are being tried for terrorist acts? As their culpability was not proved by the Court.

Why is the Minister of State Home Affairs Government of India, telling everyone not to politicize the issue or in other words ‘To Shut up’?


As said, if any person wants to defend the Government or the Police, he/she may invent truckloads of answers to the above questions. But the question is not about inventing or finding answers.

bhopal encounter of simi under trials being marketed as an act of nationalismThe simple question is : What is easier to believe.

And the best way to think simple is to see what looks more logical without taxing one’s brain too much.

Is it really easy to jail break a High-security prison?

If it’s easy, then why only SIMI Operatives manage to do so?

… If your answer is, by colluding with Jail personnel; then why other inmates cannot perform the same feat.

Who among the two is more powerful — The State (Government, Administration, Jail etc.) OR an inmate who is already lodged behind bars? Among the two who’s more capable of doing things and concocting stories.


To conclude, in 2012 an MBA student from Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh,Ranbir Singh, was killed by Uttarakhand Police in Dehradun. The Uttarakhand Police concocted a story that Ranbir Singh was a history-sheeter and a gangster. When the police, tried to apprehend him, he fled. In the ensuing chase, Singh attacked the Police, which resulted in the killing. A day or two after the encounter, the truth started coming out. Ranbir Singh was not a history-sheeter. In fact he was coming to Dehradun to join his first job. A minor argument broke between some policemen and him for traffic rule violation. The argument took the form of a feud, and to teach him a lesson, a dozen of so Uttarakhand Police personnel took him to an adjoining forest and sot him. Yes, an extra-judicial, cold-blooded murder.

Today, most of those involved in the Ranbir Singh fake encounter case are either behind bars or have been cashiered (fired from job). Remember that Ranbir Singh got justice because majority of people in country were ready to believe in what Ranbir’s father had to say. What would have happen, if no one would have questioned the Police’s version of events. Remember, the Uttarakhand Police had already tagged the young man as Gangster.