Bigg Boss 7 ends the Controversy surrounding the Definition of Celebrity

In recent years, a very unfortunate thing happened with the TV entertainment industry in India. The Indian TV channels started introducing any damn person appearing on their shows as a “celebrity”. In Worst case scenario, taking the channel’s word as the word of God, the person starts calling himself/herself a ‘Celebrity’.

This is a massive fraud, as quite often the common people had no frigging clue about who the person actually is.

The only grace for these TV Channels is the change in perspective (that’s how the audience sees them on this question).

Bigg Boss 7 Contestants, Anita Advani, real life couple Apoorva and Shilpa Agnihotri, Kushal Tandon, Hazel Keech, Gauahar Khan, Rajat Rawail, Pratyusha Banerjee, VJ Andy, Armaan Kohli, Tannisha (Kajol's sister), Elie Evram, Ratan Rajput and Sangram SinghSince many of these unsung, unheard wannabees introduced as Celebs, do actually end up being one; hence these TV Channels can be seen as “Colleges”, rolling out Celebs. That way, the entire thing will look less of a scam and more of some Professional Education exercise. But nonetheless, addressing someone in the first year of graduation, a Graduate, is somewhat far-fetched.

That said. Bigg Boss 7, which had its inaugural episode yesterday, has ended the Controversy surrounding the Definition of Celebrity. The definition offered by Bigg Boss 7 is not elaborate, but it surely gives the audience a starting point to understand a Celebrity  better. To put simply, this definition is similar to the pithy one, the father of Advertising David Ogilvy, gave for “Consumer”.

The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife” — David Ogilvy, the Father of Advertising.

So what is the New potent definition for the Word ‘Celebrity’?

“A Celebrity is No One, He/she is Salman Khan’s Friend”

Bigg Boss may have its own share of misinformation with respect to the use of the word Celebrity. But, if it helps the Television lovers coin a new Definition for Celebrity, then we must Congratulate it (Bigg Boss)