Biggest Challenge For AAP: How To make BJP Happy

Have you heard the story of Always Complaining individuals. If not, here it’s:

A man created world’s fastest Boat. The Boat had a powerful motor under its hood. It was the first time someone put a motor on a boat. Adequately buoyed by his boat, the man took the boat to the river for the World to see.

But unfortunately, just before the start, the motor got some technical glitch. No matter how much the man tired, the boat didn’t move. The audience nearby had a group of “Always Complaining Individuals” or Skeptics. Seeing the man struggle with his boat, the group started saying — “Look We told you, the Boat will Never Move”. 

With the boat inventor’s perseverance, the boat’s motor finally started. The man pressed the accelerator pad and the boat started jetting through the water. Majority of audience was awestruck by the speed of the boat. Something they haven’t seen before. Then all of a sudden, not to get lagged behind amidst all the praise; the same group of “Always Complaining or Skeptics” started saying — ” Let we Tell You, the Boat will never Stop, even when the driver will want to”.


The moral of the story: There are people in this World, who will find something to complain about, even when they are kept in Heaven.

BJP, or Bharatiya Janata Party, often behaves like one.  They have mastered the art of complaining. They can complain about anything anytime. Take for instance its complaints about the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). These complaints seem unending. First, BJP pressured AAP to form Government by Congress’s support. When AAP was doing plebiscite (in Hindi ‘Janmat’) in Delhi asking people whether it should make a Government or not; the BJP criticised the AAP of running away from the responsibility of making the Government. When the fact of the matter was, BJP emerged out as the single biggest party in the Delhi Assembly Elections 2013.

Ironical enough, when the AAP finally made Government with Congress’s support; the same BJP started blaming AAP for having no ideology.

On the day of Confidence motion, the CM candidate of the BJP Dr. Harshvardhan said the government will not last even two days. Many pro BJP media houses said the Government will not run for more than six months. Dr. Vardhan quickly adding, no one else, but only Narendra Modi is the saviour of India.

Let we ask BJP, what is so much hurry. BJP leaders and supporters may have every right to see Narendra Modi as the God send prophet or God himself. But why such a hurry to see Delhi Government topple. BJP or Narendra Modi may be the God sent divinity or cult, but why underestimate the lesser mortals in India. Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal has done great work in the field on RTI, he can deliver good as Delhi’s PM as well.

The Aam Aadmi Party is new, lets give it some time to make things change and work. If Congress topples it wrongly, the country’s 125 crore people will judge by themselves. Why you indoctrinate people to that effect!  It’s not good to profess doom all the time.  Lets stop complaining and wish AAP to run a good Government for the Delhi-ites.