Biggest Loser Asia answers – How much Weight Loss is Possible in 6 months?

An ethnic Indian Viveganandam Deveraj, resident of Singapore, was crowned the winner of The Biggest Loser Asia 2, a popular weight-loss reality TV series, yesterday.

Looking at what the winning contestants managed to lose in six months, the duration of the reality show, one can answer one eternal question:

If all factors go right (Right meal, Right calorie intake, right diet, 24 hour Assistance of Expert weight loss professionals, right routine, right sleep, right exercise, ample will power and confidence), How much weight loss is possible in 6 months?…without any surgical intervention. plain exercise, diet and lifestyle change.

The answer is: 67 Kgs. Or 46.53 percent weight loss.

This is the weight, the 24 year old winner managed to shed during the duration of the show or 6 months.

Viveganandam Deveraj came in the show with a body weight of 144 kilograms (much much morbidly obese; if he’s 6 feet even than he was 80 percent more than its ideal body weight. Although he appeared much shorter than 6) and left with the crown, $100,000 and 77 kilograms body.

What other winners managed to lose:

Thailand’s Atikom Laksanapanai (Nai), 26, an insurance agent trainee came in a close second with an overall weight loss percentage of 45.99 percent, which is 63kg from his 137kg starting weight.

Genghis Enrique Khan, 34, an internet cafe owner from the Philippines, became the second runner-up with an overall weight loss percentage of 35.19 percent, or a weight loss of 57kg from his original 162kg.

The second season of the reality show started out with 16 contestants from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines; all of them suffered weight-related health problems.

Conclusion: It’ll be wrong to say, that the other factors, which we shared at the beginning don’t contribute to weight loss; but the factors which make the biggest difference are the: Will Power and Confidence on oneself.

And that Will Power and Confidence doesn’t develop on a single day; start slowly, make easy goals, achieve them, gain Will Power and Confidence; and then pace up a little, set slightly higher goals, achieve them; gain some more Self Belief and Conviction; Repeat the cycle again and again; and one day you will become invincible.

Be persistent. As slow and steady also wins the Race. This applies more so for Weight Loss.