Bioactive Food Proteins and Peptides explored in a New Book by 33 leading Experts

If 33 experts of any discipline, come on a single platform; you, as a student of the discipline can be assured of one thing: Universe of knowledge.

In a similar effort, 33 renowned experts in the field of biotechnology, nutrition have come together to write a new book, entitled Bioactive Food Proteins and Peptides.

The book is a comprehensive study covering “food proteins’ and peptides’ bioactives, proteomics, biomarkers, therapeutic and nutraceutical uses,commercialization trends, and challenges and opportunities.” Informs the key editor, Dr. Navam S. Hettiarachchchy, is a university professor in the Department of Food Service at theUniversity of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

For whom is the Book:

The book, is intended for students, fellow researchers, academics, food scientists, nutritionists and others in the Food Services and Human Health industries; or any one with prior understanding of bioactive food proteins and peptides.

The book, which is a compilation of concentrated studies, is equipped with details and supporting data related to chemistry and bioactivity; also offers readers info about how proteins and peptides are allergens and antihypersensitive agents; and how they could be infused into the body as antioxidants and anticancer agents.

About the Book:

Bioactive Food Proteins and Peptides: Applications in Human Health

publisher: CRC Press, published: 2011-12-02

ASIN: 1420093142

EAN: 9781420093148

sales rank: 6965990

price: $114.84 (new), $141.18 (used)

Many naturally occurring compounds from foods such as rice, vegetables, fruits, and animal products possess properties that help to slow disease progression, inhibit pathophysiological mechanisms, or suppress activities of pathogenic molecules. Proteins and peptides play significant roles in such activities and are gaining importance as nutraceuticals that benefit numerous aspects of health and nutrition. Bioactive Food Proteins and Peptides: Applications in Human Health provides a human health perspective on food-derived proteins and peptides. It describes the potential for large-scale production with advances in technology and proposes challenges and opportunities for the future of health, nutrition, medicine, and the biosciences.

The book begins by addressing properties related to chemistry and bioactivity. It examines proteins and peptides as allergens, antihypertensive agents, antimicrobials, antioxidants, and anticancer agents. It also discusses findings on the bioavailability and toxicity of food-derived peptides and intestinal functions.

Next, the contributors present information on therapeutic peptides. They discuss recent developments in proteomics, bioavailability, and opportunities for designing future peptide-based foods.

Providing a comprehensive review of bioactive proteins and peptides obtained from food sources, the book brings together the most up-to-date and essential information from eminent researchers from all over the world. Academics, food scientists and technologists, nutritionists, biochemists, persons in industry, and government researchers and regulators will find this book to be an essential resource for new data and developments.