BJP Adding up the Followers of Ram Dev, Salman Khan, Lata Mangeshkar

On Sunday, Yoga Guru, RSS mouthpiece and BJP leader, Baba Ramdev pledged 20 crore votes for BJP. Actually he pledged his support to BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Baba Ramdev also announced that he would conduct a Yoga Mahotsava across the country on March 23 in a bid to mobilize votes for the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2014. He would launch a Yoga Week on March 17, which would culminate in the Mahotsav on March 23 that would be held at each district headquarter across the country.

Motivating his 20 crore disciples will not be a difficult task for Baba Ramdev. As according to him, more than 23 crore people had already enrolled for his Yoga Mahotsav. And if most of these Baba’s disciples are disciples of Modi too, then even managing a 100 percent conversion will not be difficult.

A month ago, Baba, donning the role of an economist garnered another couple of crore votes for the BJP and the Modi, when he exhorted the present UPA Government to abolish Tax in India. He not only informed the Nation as to how BJP can actually abolish the Tax in the country, but also compelled the top economists on various TV channel debates to re-study what they have studied in couple of decades of their lives.

Baba Ramdev is speaking on the Black money issue for some years now. This means he will add a couple of crore votes for BJP on that count as well. After all, what is tacking corruption all about? It’s imply removing Rs 1000 currency notes from the country. That way, a marketer will have to carry money in a suitcase.

Going by the above, Baba Ramdev can easily attract about 35 crore votes for the BJP and its PM candidate Narendra Modi. Baba Ramdev is modest on his estimation though, when he said, he would ensure just 20 crore votes in favour of the BJP through the mega yoga camp. And he said he was sure of the BJP-led NDA getting 340 seats in the Lok Sabha. I used the words BJP leader for Baba Ramdev, as this is what he said in the Press Conference,

“Our objective is to fetch 340 seats for the Modi-led party. We are pledging to realize this through the Yoga Mahotsav,”

Baba Ramdev is not the only one from the Sant Samudaya who is backing Modi. A top ‘Gau Katha Vachak’ (Cow Story Teller) of India, with his Ashram in Dehradun Uttarakhand, Gopal Muni ji, is also backing BJP in his own way. He is undertaking a Hunkaar March (or Shankhnaaad or Sadbhavna, I’m not sure) along with Lakhs of supporters on February 23 2014 from Dehradun To Parliament House in Delhi. The objective of the March? To make the Indian Government declare the ‘Cow’ the “Mother of the Nation”. The cows, bulls, calves standing dangerously on roads and Highways will bless this Hunkaar March, for sure. After all someone has thought about raising their stature to a top pedestal. A recognition which will give the Cow Community great satisfaction when they munch on polythene, garbage, paper and brave the traffic on roads and highways.

Only Yesterday, India’s own sweet voice, Lata Mangeshkar ji, graced a function in Mumbai. She shared the dais with Narendra modi ji. The key attraction of this function was the patriotic song “Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo”.

A fortnight ago, Bollywood actor Salman Khan, called Modi a “Good man” (although Salman also said that only the ‘Best man will become Country’s PM’).

If the fans of these two are added to the BJP votes, then for BJP and its PM candidate, the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 will be a cake walk (eggless).

For BJP votes are raining. A couple of crore votes here and there can make for the winning tally.