BJP Does BPL Jugglery! …Puzzles Thinking Indians!

In Narendra Modi’s Gujarat, a family earning above Rs. 10.8 a day in a village and a family earning above Rs 16 per day in a city does not come under BPL or Below Poverty Line Scheme.

Everyone is attacking BJP on its BPL criteria in Gujarat, where a person earning below Rs 10.80 daily is not a poor. And rightly so.

BJP Spokespersons are speaking at lengths at TV Channel debates, trying to rail-derail and and trying to look undefeated. But there are times, when mere rhetoric, oratory and word & number jugglery won’t work. In simple words – If BJP can reject Rs 28 figure of Planning Commission, then how can they defend or claim Rs 11 figure. Notably, in 2011 BJP mocked UPA Government and Planning Commission of India for having Rs 28 and Rs 32 as the criteria for poverty in India.

Any logical person today is puzzled by BJP’s defence which says the BJP Government in Gujarat created this Rs 11 and Rs 16 daily income criteria to benefit those poor, who are not included by the Planning Commission of India’s criteria.

How Can this be possible? If Planning Commission’s criteria is much above that of Gujarat’s (Rs 11 and Rs 16); then those who are poor as per Planning Commission’s criteria (Rs 28 and Rs 32) must already be included by Planning Commission as Poor.

What BJP is not telling?

I hope we agree on the indefensiveness of the BJP’s claims here. As, if I make a list of all buildings equal to or less than 10 metres; then obviously, I don’t have to make another list to include those building which may have left, for them being less than 4 metres. Obviously, equal to or below 10 metres criteria includes those less than 4 metres.

I think BJP is hiding something. And that secret is: Gujarat has far far more poor than the State Government usually claims. Authoritarian and propaganda regimes, like China, usually hide their poverty this way to paint a Vibrant Happy picture. Say a single word exposing the real situation and they gag you. In the mean time, they run agog their propaganda machines.

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