BJP Finally apologises to Lal Krishna Advani!

According to our unreliable sources, BJP has Finally apologised to Lal Krishna Advani! That too Publicly. The party has left the interpretation part on to the Indian Middle class.

On the Tainted Ordinance issue, BJP leader Arun Jaitley told media that PM bowing down to a person (Rahul Gandhi) half his age, has diminished Manmohan Singh as a leader. To quote, Arun Jaitley said: When a leader half the age of the Prime Minister over-rules him, his status is diminished.

According to some of our unreliable sources inside the BJP, the sentence was never meant for Rahul Gandhi. The statement actually was for BJP’s Loh Purush Lal Krishna Advani. After sidelining Advaniji for much younger Narendra Bhai Modi, the party with a difference realised that it’s indeed against Indian values to compel a chronologically older human being  bow down to someone chronologically younger. BJP was trying everything to make much younger Narendra Modi bow down to Advani Ji. But to little success. Everytime, Modi bowed down, Advani Ji looked away (mountains, fellow human beings, blue sky).

The golden opportunity for BJP to publicly apologize to Lal Krishna Advani came in the form of tainted Ordinance Issue. According to our unreliable sources, it was the BJP which requested Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to disrespect the ordinance, so that its leader Arun Jaitley can make the age remark in public.