BJP’s Giriraj Singh’s remark, more than condemnation of Modi’s Rivals

On the face of it, BJP’s Giriraj Singh’s suggesting all Modi rivals to go to Pakistan, may look another polarisation tactic of BJP. But on a closer look the statement doesn’t end there. The BJP leader also used the words “Mecca medina” in his statement. This makes the statement much more than yet another election remark.

The statement shows how deep rooted hatred some people have for other religions. It’s good to attack rivals, but attacking other person’s Gods is not good. Gods , if one believes in them ,are much much higher than we living mortals. If we fold our hands for our Gods ; the other person does so for his. What is the need to bring each other’s God’s to our quarrels. What Giriraj Singh has said, portrays much more than condemnation of Modi rivals. It portrays plain Xenophobia or Homophobia, where a person hates or fears other lifestyle, way of living, cultures and religions. The moment one starts differentiating people by that person’s attire, religious beliefs and traditions; he/she gets pulled in the unending circle of xenophobia. As people who are prone of xenophobic mindset, are also prone to regionalism, localism and gender distinction. Things not healthy for a person who wants to achieve something in Life.

PS: The funny thing about Xenophobia or Homophobia is that it grows without any substantial ground. That’s a person doesn’t need real threat, real attack from the other caste, religion, region , ethnicity to become xenophobic. On contrary, Xenophobia mostly exists in those places where there’s no real threat. An example: People who have never lived with Muslims or Christians or Sikhs, are more likely to have fear of them. Why? as those who have lived with them, know them. They know that all people are the same.