BJP-JDU Government in Bihar and the Mandate to Govern

Has BJP in power in majority of India. Yes, it’s. The party is either in power, or is part of those in power, or is supporting someone else in power in most of the states.

Is the power mandated to it? Yes and No.

Yes, when people have given it the mandate to rule. This has happened in the biggest and most populous of all states.

No, when although people have given mandate to someone else;  the party somehow managed to bring itself to power. No matter if as a junior ally.

This has exactly happened in Bihar yesterday. During the 2015 Bihar Assembly Elections, people gave a mandate to rule to pre-poll JDU+RJD+Congress Alliance. The alliance sought votes on development, secular and anti-communal posturing. Mr. Nitish Kumar’s development agenda would have been there, but people accepted it along with JDU and Congress. Looking from this perspective, JDU-BJP goverment formed today, is an example where BJP somehow managed to bring itself to power. No matter if as a junior ally.

To conclude, focusing on the concept of a saffronised India, is not necessary What is necessary is to focus on the pre-poll alliances. If the electorate of Bihar chose JDU+RJD+INC pre-poll alliance because of its anti-communal (or diversity respecting) character, then the electorate’s mandate has been over looked today. And this is not less of a deception. On the other hand, if the electorate of Bihar chose JDU+RJD+INC alliance, solely for Nitish’s development agenda; then it doesn’t matter whether it’s A+B+C or; A+G !